The 30 day figure challengeThe 30 day figure challenge

When i read about the 30 day challenge i knew i would make one sooner or later. So lets get started. I will place it in one blog:
So it will be
very picture heavy and contains NSFW content.
Enjoy :)

View spoilerHide spoiler1. Your Gateway Figure
I started with prize figures but with ITEM #167302 i changed my taste to scale figures. I found an old picture that i made when i placed her for the first time. At that time i was also collecting dragons. In fact it is an ugly picture but it has somehow some charm to it.

2. Your most entry-level figure
The figure that is most representive in my collection is Hatsune Miku. I prefer the racing Miku above the original. ITEM #167102 It is also the figure i started with. I have found an old picture when i was mostly collecting prize figures.

3. Most obscure figure
ITEM #158719 is the figure you want to keep out of sight. It is not special or really nice to look at closely. But it was cheap so i can't really complain.

4. An impulse buy
Most of my collection is an impulse buy (not joking). Only really expencive figures are planned or preordered. But the biggest exception was ITEM #320011 because i had to buy her as a set with ITEM #331459 . Being an impulse buyer doesn't say that i don't manage the money spend on my collection. The fun thing about collecting is not only having the figure but also the hunt for it. I respect a figure more after a long search for it. Everyone can buy a figure but it becomes a different story when you have to search for it. About searching; at this moment of typing i think i found my holy grail. The figure where my interest for figure collecting started is now closer than 2 minutes ago. I'm really excited about that. But before i go to much off topic......

5. Figure you spent the most on
That is ITEM #198551
No regrets about that. I really wanted her so i could display her with Rias. And look at her face. You can't say no to that? And at that moment there wheren't much nice Akeno figures.

6. Best deal you've gotten
Difficult question. I think this is the best one ITEM #179325 . After 2 days i bought it the price was almost double for what i paid. For some reason i can understand that. The quality is good and she looks nice. There is not even one noticable flaw.

7. Favourite poseable figure
that is Tohsaka Rin figma for sure. She looks nice and her expressions are very usefull. And like every human like being: she fails sometimes.

8. Favourite chibi figure
I don't have many chibi figures but i go with Miho Nendoroid petit. She is cute. ITEM #197996

9. Favourite Prize figure
ITEM #171156 Those stairs and the paintjob is really well done. I know that using a metallic like paint turns out ugly most of the time but this figure can handle it quite well. She might be a prize figure but is one that easily stands out.

10. First grail owned
When i first saw Calne Ca i knew this character would be one of my favorits. And i have searched a long time for ITEM #162401 . Prizes for her where even then very high. And on a lucky day i found ITEM #205515 and i never regret buying her. I don't see Carune as a Miku cosplayer but as an individual character and the Strange Blue version does that very well. For this opportunity i use the picture that i had as avatar. View spoilerHide spoilerIf you think my current avatar represents Carune then you are half right (or half wrong, just how you look at it). My avatar is a mix between Carune and Natsuru.

11. Items or characters you have multiples of
Rias Gremory, Kashiwazaki Senna, Hatsune Miku, Asuna.

12. Figure non-collectors would appreciate
That is a difficult one. I go with a figure that looks a bit heroic, a little bit neutral and with no ecchi details. Something like ITEM #166901 or ITEM #440592

13. Figure you're ashamed to show your family
Well i don't display my figure's cast off so that means that i'm not ashamed about a single figure in my collection. In fact i never hid any of my figures from someone.

14. Fixer-upper or a figure you've had to repair
Let's keep this one short. The name Figfix and Half damaged version are well choosen. ITEM #236357
I replaced the neckjoint and tried to repair the cut in her throught. And if you look at the picture you can't see it very well.

15. Item with an interesting story
The best story's comes by the year right? In fact one of the items with the most interesting story is a sword replica of Sode No Shirayuki, because the interest in the backstory around that sword did let me watch Bleach. Impressed by the art of that anime i did watch many more anime after that. And now i'm collecting figures. So that one replica had a lot of influence in my collection today.

16. Most nostalgic item
ITEM #164607 I started with Blue in the late 90's and i never stopped. This figure reminds me of how much the franchise has changed over the years. Adding the fairy type, Z-moves, region variants, Moxie ability, mega evolution, the pokemon go hype and a lot more.

17. Most annoying item
ITEM #167123 Her ponytails fall of pretty easy. Even with the transparant pegs they hardly stay on their place.

18. Gaudiest/tackiest item
ITEM #167302
What can i say. I like the way A+ sculpted her.

19. Biggest figure
ITEM #277231 It doesn't fit in a detolf shelf. Also this figure contains the most weight of al my figures in my collection. In my big shelf it nearly fits. This model is very detailed and i like that you can move it in different positions on the base. As a Star Fox fan i really want a scale model of the Great Fox. I guess that one would definately not fit in the shelf.

20. Smallest figure
Miho Nendoroid petit and if you count it the Panzer IV.

21. Favourite figure received as a gift
ITEM #249941 i received it from my brother. It is not the best painted figure but i still like it. And i would feel bad for some reason if i received a very expencive figure from someone.

22. Favourite pair of figures to display together
I like the combination of ITEM #317824 and ITEM #78499 Sometimes the most unexpected combinations are the most intresting. One human in Halloween costume and a monsterlike creature as human next to each other.

23. Cutest figure
ITEM #144446 for some unknown reason i don't know i always see this figure as cute. That goes especially for her face. One of the things i find cute about an anime girl is when they have some vampire like small tooth visable. You can't hardly see it but she has it.

24. Edgiest figure
When we talk about dark characters i go with ITEM #305342
It is not exactly a shady figure and her character doesn't match that either. It is the backstory that does and with the black/purple colors the backstory fits well.

25. Series you wish was complete
Freeing Highschool DXD bunny's. Asia bunny Freeing? A 1/4 scale Hyodo Issei would also be nice. And when i dream big: All figma?

26. Completed series
Ehhhhhh, none i guess. The advantage you have by different series, characters and scales is that i can place my figures how i want. My collection has a lot of variation and that is what i like about my collection.

27. Oldest item
After a long and painfull research of 2 full minutes by Tohsaka Rin i found out that my oldest item is ITEM #991 . Despite her age she is in really good shape. And her quality is still close to some scale figures today.

28. Most recent acquisition
When i started with making this blog i mentioned in one of the first questions that i think i found my holy grail. And indeed i found the figure on MFC that i wanted most. And it is really more beautyfull in real life than on the picture. I'm very proud about this figure. At this moment i have to choose a new 'target' figure that is hard to get and that let me enjoy a few years of hunting for it.

29. Your display
Pictures tells more than i can do with a thousand of words.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/Rajke1494106359.jpeg

30. Favourite item(s)
Lets make this one easy with a link.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog. I did. It was fun to look back at my collection and sometimes it was really hard to give a good answer on the questions. I know that my pictures aren't the very best but when i look back at some older pictures i made i can say there is improvement. A fun coincidence was that i started with this blog and in the maintime writing it i found my holy grail. See you next blog.
Work in proces: LED base
Update: added some text that was unsaved.
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Rajke Ca fanatic
victorviper (1年前) #20823787Interesting. I didn't know that ITEM #205515 variant of Calne Ca even existed. Calne Ca with a stars-and-stripes motif, who would have thought it?
I've thought about getting ITEM #179325 many times, and since you say the quality of that figure is really good, I'll have to keep an eye out. When Rias shows up on AmiAmi, she never lasts very long!

The Strange Blue was the third Calne Ca figure. It came out almost one year after the first version and Nurse version. I think that if the first two weren't a succes this figure didn't exist. In search for ITEM #162401 i discovered this version.

Taito did a nice job with Rias. She looks incredebly good for a prize figure. Funny thing: there exist a variant of it with wings. ITEM #160739
Interesting. I didn't know that ITEM #205515 variant of Calne Ca even existed. Calne Ca with a stars-and-stripes motif, who would have thought it?

I've thought about getting ITEM #179325 many times, and since you say the quality of that figure is really good, I'll have to keep an eye out. When Rias shows up on AmiAmi, she never lasts very long!
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