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Hi MFC! ( ・ω・)ノ

Well as you may have seen I did a blog recently talking about those aftermarket figure prices with the Let's Make It Happen Club: CLUB #583, which honestly after spending a week noting down a lot of different figures and their prices turned out to be very eye opening, as some of the prices are just insane! blog/32773&...

Well this leads me onto those little chibi figures that everyone loves and yet regret if you don't pre-order! As in the after market their prices will rise and you will hate yourself for not getting them when you had the opportunity! Yes I'm talking about Good Smile Companies Nendoroids! There's loads of these now (and more coming!) and there's loads also that need a re-release! So this is where you come in, what Nendoroids are you desperate to own? What ones do you wish had a re-release? I'm going to compile a list and send it to GSC and see if that might help towards driving a re-release, GSC seem to be taking more notice of their fans now and are doing more re-releases, so you never know! We can only try!

here's four to start us off:

Nichijou - Hakase - ITEM #98880
Nichijou - Nano - ITEM #98878
Watamote - Tomoko - ITEM #166617
Unlikely to happen but we can dream!
Kill La Kill - Mako - ITEM #287743

Once I've got a list of around 20 or so, I'll do another blog and let you decide on just which ones you want the most! :) Then I'll send the top 10 off to GSC and see what happens. ^^

Thanks for reading! (*^▽^*)
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Ok, I understand what you are saying now

I don't think aftermarket sales are even something GSC even puts much stock in

Neither they nor the license holder are getting any of that money, so it's not of much use to them

And of course there is demand, they are limited in quantity and hard to find

I don't even know if getting a new distribution license for that sort of item would even be possible, but I guess you can still hope

I think across the board, if something is a limited releases or a DVD bonus, you can pretty much give up on it getting another release past that initial run

I wouldn't be surprised if they don't even preserve the molds

Also I thought the point of the thread was to eventually make a list of requests to send to GSC for rereleases, so since those can't happen, it would be better to know that and not ask them for something they can't give

It's fine to have hopes and wishes, but if you are going to request GSC rereleases things, it's important to know what is and isn't actually possible

Some nendoroid just might not be able to be rereleased

With old nendoroid like Death Note, it's possible the molds may not even be in a condition that more could be remade even if people begged for them
JustSomeGuy3年前#20215615That's true, but what does her being sold preowned without the DVD have to do with whether or not it get rereleased?
I don't see the connection you are trying to make
The way the licenses work, I don't think those DVD bonus nendoroid even can be rereleased, as it would involve getting a whole new distribution license

The connection I tried to make was that people was interested in the toy alone and stores had no problem on selling it w/o the dvds so maybe they try and get a distribution license for the toy alone and re release it.
I don't know about licences and how much they cost, its just something I wish and pointed out because that's what I understood this thread was all about. Not knowing I won't be able to get the figure because of licences wont change my life haha
If Nendoroid #528 Hinata ITEM #327169 & Nendoroid #529 Kageyama ITEM #327170 jersey version get rerelased, that would be nice!
Darklin3年前#20229606ryuko, satsuki kiryuin, the monster hunter nendoroids, miku lion

Ryuuko and Satsuki have been rereleased
ryuko, satsuki kiryuin, the monster hunter nendoroids, miku lion
Yea you right, maybe better gsc release new characters like Bell (if this new anime Sword Oratoria succeed its a nice reason) and rerelease her together like they made when Emilia from Re:Zero comes.
I dont know why they dont do the same with Sakura this last week when Syaoran open PO.JustSomeGuy3年前#20212911Deathbat3年前#20211249
Does Hestia really need a rerelease just yet?
Isn't she still acquirable in stores?
She's even available on Mandarake order.mandarake...
The Neptune and chinatsu nendoroid they were bundles with part of a game/dvd set so their aftermarket price is insane ;-;
Dialga3年前#20225127I'm still holding out for a re-release of all the Death Note Nendoroids ;u;

At this point, I'd honestly rather 2.0 versions. I would love a Misa, but yeesh....
I'm still holding out for a re-release of all the Death Note Nendoroids ;u;
Isn't ITEM #415008 hard to find for a decent price?