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The final entry in the figure challenge. Original post can be found here. Last 6 six questions! Woo!

Before we begin, here's a little review with links to all of the previous ones.
Part 1
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Now then, let's get on with the finale!

25: A Series You Wish Was Complete
What is a series lacking all of its characters as figures that you wish to be finished? Can simply be that you don't yet own all of them and want to get the rest.

Oh, where to go with this.... On one hand, I want all of the royal siblings from Fire Emblem Fates, plus others, though that desire lacks Takumi so... I don't entirely want it complete. The Pokemon Nendoroids need a massive expansion, but there's so many "sets" to have that are all incomplete. Namely, I just want every playable trainer. The rest is just extra that I'd likely still buy. Then there's the Sword Art Figmas of course. I still would love Silica, Lisbeth, & Klein, but let's face it, that's never happening.

In the end for this:


The Senbonzakura Nendoroids. It's saddening that they stopped at only Miku & Kaito. Kaito's great, don't get me wrong, but what's with the lack of Kagamines? I would throw so much money at Kagamines & Meiko. Luka can go to hell though, not personally fond of her. For now, my Kaito will stay lonely.

26: A Completed Line or Series
What's a series you own that is complete?

Lol, you imply that anything's complete. Looking over my entire collection, that's like next to nothing. The only one eligible would be...


The Madoka Magica Figmas. Even then, it's hard to say the set is complete as I don't own Godoka, Devil Homura, or Nagisa, but I have no intention of getting those 3. All 5 of the main girls are in my collection and I have both their magical and school versions. Would've opted for school as Nendoroids or skipped them altogether, but I really needed that hair part for Sayaka with the music note hariclips and the tea cup for Mami. Mami is best girl and needs her tea cup to look bad ass af killing enemies while drinking tea. I also intend to get the Maiko nendoroids at some point and am excited to see how Sayaka and Kyoko turn out.

27: Oldest Item
What item in your collection is the oldest by production date (not when you got it)?

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/chookypooh1463344883.jpeg (Not my image)

I don't have them listed in my collection here on MFC, but I do own some of the old Takara Tomy Pokemon figures. Mostly Gen 1, though I do have all of the Eeveeloutions. I do also have the trainer figures for Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessie, & James. Anyway, the first one of these I got was the Metapod & Butterfree set as a little kid. These are likely the oldest figures in my collection. I actually lost the two as a kid and later replaced them as they meant a lot being my first two. Even though they aren't the same as the original ones, this pair will always be special to me, more so than any figure I do have listed on MFC.

28: Most Recent Acquisition
What is the latest addition to your collection?


Recently got the Gilgamesh Figma in the mail after waiting about a month for him to come via SAL. He's absolutely amazing and I'm quite happy with him. Especially happy that he has the shirtless option. ;D Though I believe we went over that in another one of these. So I'll keep this part short and move on to the next.

29: Your Display
Show off your collection!


Not really much to say here with this, it's just pics of my set-up. As noted earlier, this isn't my complete collection, just what I have with me while away at college. Now then, for the grand finale.

30: Favourite Item
What is your favorite item(s) in your collection.

Oh lordy... Not sure I've picked a true favorite of all. If I had to choose one though.


I've loved Pokemon ever since I was a little kid and seeing this get announced was simply amazing. It wasn't easy to get him of course, since I had to go through a proxy service which I had never done before then. I was rather nervous waiting for him as I was unsure that I had done things right, but it all worked out in the end. It was funny how when I got him, the box he arrived in was in absolute shreds and held together by rubber bands, and yet Red and his box were in perfect condition.
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Beautiful collection! :^)
I also really like your classroom set. I was also going to say your Madoka figmas are no longer a complete set, but I was beaten to that punch too ;_;

Thanks for posting all of these, it was nice reading through them.
orochimaruxsaber3年前#18850415i LOVE THE SCHOOL SETUP <3 with the madoka girls sitting at the school desks!! that's so cute ;u;

Thanks! :3
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