August AcquisitionsAugust Acquisitions

Yes, it is time once again for another tale of dashing adventure, of derring-do, of...

Nah, it's just another boring loot post. I suppose I could spin it out as a gritty tale of unbridled capitalism lurking in the dark heart of the grim city, but frankly, it's been done.

So, on to the loot. I'll skip the brown box pics; we know what those look like. I'll include links to everything (that has links) so you can see what things actually look like, while laughing at my fumbling attempts at photography.

I got a wee bit tired of waiting for my 5th anniversary Mugi figure (in the center, below) to finally get to me, to the extent that I gave up trying to keep a sense of balance in my K-On! collection and just decided to get more Mugi by any possible means. So I ordered the two prize figures of Mugi, and as luck would have it all three figures arrived on the same day, August 1st. So I had a Manic Mugi Monday.


left: ITEM #218742
middle: ITEM #265076
right: ITEM #61992

A while back I started dipped into the backlog of anime to watch. This is of course very dangerous, because then there are even more shows and characters for me to fall in love with. So it was with Hanayamata. I watched it, I loved it, I bought lots of stuff. You know, the usual. As luck would have it, all the stuff arrived in batches in August.


left book: ITEM #273357
poster in bottom prize box: ITEM #273357
poster in top prize box: ITEM #273358
mug (under figure): ITEM #244697
figure of lovely Hannah: ITEM #236459
right book: ITEM #295361

This month also saw the release of the next figure, Isla from Plastic Memories. I wish the quality of the figure was better (but again, don't go by my photos, which suck), but it's still better than a lot of Griffin figures I've seen.


Isla: ITEM #362278

The figure that consumed most of my time in August, though, was the 1/4 scale Snow Miku. No, not because I spent a lot of time wailing and gnashing my teeth waiting for her (I did that for the Mugi figure above), but because to accommodate her, I had to move around about half of the rest of my collection.

Worth it. Way way worth it.


Snow Miku: ITEM #380025

The last two sets of things includes some stuff that is not in the database here. I would add them, but I can't -- I don't have enough information about them. Unless an item comes with a UPC code so I can track it down, or I bought it from one of the usual online stores, I'm pretty much at a loss. If intrepid seekers of truth on the internet want to track them down and add them, by all means be my guest.

First, some of you may be familiar with the 'kinetic novel' game, planetarian (they deliberately don't capitalize the name of the game, so I'm following that convention). planetarian also recently got a five-episode anime series that adapted the game, as well as a sequel movie that adapted one of the drama CD/novel stories that were released for the game years ago.

With such releases, comes loot. Alas, planetarian loot was mostly only available at Comic Market 90 (or for the movie, at the theater in some cases). Some clear files came from Movic (as the acrylic stand did), I think, but I'm not completely sure of that; a few new items were available from stores. Look, the planetarian goods page is at planetarian-pro... so look there and then you'll know just as much as I do. Yes, I am at home throwing up my hands, which makes typing problematic, so just move on to the pics.

All the loot shows the beautiful robot Yumemi. If you have to ask why, go to the morticians and let them know you're dead.


Tapestry, B2 size. I'm moving away from hanging tapestries, but I could not resist this one.


in back is the mat (still rolled up): ITEM #480199
in the middle is the acrylic stand: ITEM #480376
the sketchbook in the middle was at Comic Market 90
the clear files... look they were on Yahoo Japan Auctions, and I bought them, and that's all I know; I'm old leave me alone

And last but not least, is something that I'd been trying to get for some time. Not a grail, but just a little something. I will put it, and my story on getting it, in spoilers because it might be considered by some as NSFW so I will be courteous and considerate for those folks...

View spoilerHide spoiler


The framed picture of Princess Astarotte Ygvar ENCYCLOPEDIA #26019 from the show Astarotte no Omocha! ENCYCLOPEDIA #25310 . As far as I can tell, this was available only at Comic Market 84. (The outer frame is about 15.5 x 12 inches. The signature is reproduced, not original, alas.) Again, that's all I know of it.

A copy of this has been available on Yahoo Japan Auctions for well over a year by now, but the seller absolutely will not sell via a proxy (and lord knows I tried several). Lately I've seen suruga-ya.jp referenced here and there by folks posting here, so I wandered over there and browsed around for this or that and... there it was. At about half the price the guy on YJA wanted, too! Would suruga-ya sell to me via proxy? Why yes, yes they would! Did I chortle in my glee? Why yes, yes I did!

That was August. I hope no one reading this died of boredom. Or from laughing at the pics. (I know I suck, you don't have to tell me that.)
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4catdoorman (1年前) #22307176
Well, happy to see I'm not the only 1 taken in by planetarian.

Oh, no, you're not the only one. I also have ended up owning two of the movie BD: one from Amazon.co.jp for the bonus BD box, and one from AmiAmi for the bonus acrylic plate. As you can see: (excuse horrible photography, as always)


Here's my collection of acrylic plates, two from planatarian and one from Your Lie in April. The small planetarian one was from AmiAmi, while the larger horizontal one was available only from one of the retail stores in Japan, and I had to get it from Yahoo Japan Auctions. The Your Lie plate was also second-hand, from suruga-ya if I remember right. (posters above the shelf are for scale)

I'm moving more and more away from getting figures, and towards things like the acrylic plates and just artbooks and posters. They take up less space, easier to maintain, and frankly some figures don't transfer the character from 2D to 3D very well. Plus as figure costs rise, it's easier to resist them.

Having said that, if they ever make a Yumi figure, I will preorder that instantly. :D

Thanks for writing, it was a very pleasant surprise to hear from you.
Wow, W_W, your planetarian collection is way cooler than mine. Google translator in hand I haunted Amazon.co.jp for ^ STUFF. Came away with the movie BD (or DVD...all view the same after awhile account eyesight) and the 5 episode DVD, all in Japanese, of course. Had duplication account movie came with 5-epi dvd but I see now why Japan loves DHL so much. Impossible to find DHL outlet here in fly-over land and media mail return charge was $130....wtf...guess I'll own 2 instead of 1. Did get a guide book and art box out of the deal as well as audio CD.

Suruga-ya used to sell to us via Rakuten but she didn't like dealing with translations so proxy is how you buy from them (as you did).

Well, happy to see I'm not the only 1 taken in by planetarian.

Take care, W_W. -_^ Ken
really great loot as usual! :3

also aaaaaaaa that framed lotte picture!!! so perfect *_* bless our tiny tsundere princess and her butt cleavage
solluxcaptor (2年前) #14582848I love that Astarotte framed picture, she's too cute!
Thanks; it was worth all the time it took to get.
I love that Astarotte framed picture, she's too cute!