Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 1/8 - "World is Mine" Brown Frame ver.Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 1/8 - "World is Mine" Brown Frame ver.Review

All hail the “Number One Princess” Miku! A figure… scratch that, an icon that actually lives up to the title bestowed upon it and definitely is worthy of it, as it has the presence and beauty of one and has captivated almost all enthusiasts of this hobby. World is Mine was inspired by an illustration by Supercell and was brought to life by sculptor Sakurako Iwanaga; which, was then produced by the famous Good Smile Company. It is difficult to imagine some one who will not stare in awe at Miku’s timeless beauty.


Like every figure before her Miku was sculpted by a person both highly skilled and confident in his/her abilities as a sculptor to do to Supercell’s illustration justice and add personal touches to the final result. Sculpted my Sakurako Iwanaga, Miku was placed under good hands as her sculpt is one of the most fragile and beautiful I’ve seen. (Atleast that is one of the main reasons why I loved this figure from the moment I saw it.) Miku is sculpted at 1/8th scale; she seems rather small but that is due to her pose. One of the highlights of this rendition of Miku is that she has a very statuesque and slender feel to her and looks more like a young lady than a girl. She has gorgeous long limbs and beautifully sculpted large yet delicate hands (my personal favorite aspect). Her hands in particular enhance Miku’s overall beauty; they are a very important part in pertaining this figure’s essence. They are definitely hands of a princess. Furthermore, her clothing is lovely; although, more detail and effort could have been invested (on her skirt in particular) to make this sculpt simply untouchable. One must commend the sculptor for the pretty details on Miku’s sleeves, and v-neck collar and her hair ribbons and bracelets; which were all very nicely rendered. Unfortunately, there are a few seam lines visible that could have been sanded further, for instance, her skirt, arm and hair. Other than that she’s a piece of art.

The head that goes on top of a figure’s shoulders is always crucial for any figure’s triumph or demise and World is Mine is no exception. As usual, reviewing a figure’s head is always fun (my personal favorite). Miku’s expression is rather demure here, unlike the illustration where she has a confident cockiness to her. Her features were nicely sculpted; Miku has a slight puffiness on her lower eyelids which looks very nice. In addition, her smile doesn’t translate from all angles; she has a “Mona Lisa Smile” thing going on here. All in all, her face is very nice. Now, her hair is simply gorgeous; the second most beautiful aspect after her hands. It’s has the most accuracy to the illustration. It cascades and falls beautifully onto the base. It’s truly a sight to behold.


If only Miku’s paint were as immaculate as her sculpt (thanks for the word Melody). Miku’s paint application is very well done; however, it has a roughness to it. For instance, there are far too many dust particles and paint specks on her dress. It’s truly embarrassing that a company as renowned as Good Smile Company would allow this. Sadly, this is a very unfortunate let down. Fortunately, Miku’s hair is very nicely painted with lots of shading on it and her cheeks have a nice blush on them. Her stockings have a nice glossy paint over them. The paint on her dress’s bow is a bit sloppy however. Also, the ribbons and red leaves on her hair are very nicely done. There are areas that can be improved but overall the paint is very pretty.


People always ask companies to create a figure that is dynamic and simply breath taking; however, they probably forget to that it’s the artist who determines what a figure will look like; Miku’s pose was determined by an artist’s imagination, so it’s really them many of us should thank because without their creativity companies would probably not fare too well when sculpting statues. Miku’s pose is very well balanced; both her legs give her hips a nice round shape and her thin mid section is balanced out with the position of her lovely hands. Her hands as mentioned earlier are very endearing and hold a lot of meaning (to me). Furthermore, her hair falls down side to side which give the pose a very nice appeal. It’s very accurate to the illustration with some slight changes.


Until recently companies have begun to re think the way bases ought to look like and luckily Miku was blessed with a very unique and solid base that does its job very very well. The sculpting on the cloth Miku is laying on is very nicely executed with creases giving a realistic feel. The petals are a nice touch; however, they could have been painted a bit more sharply. There are quite a few scratches on the base but they’re not too noticeable. Overall, the base is very interesting and well… just plain beautiful and for those who don’t know, it can be hung on the wall and Miku will not fall as there are magnets holding on tight to the base. She’s very unlikely to fall off; it’s very strong and she’s very light so they work together perfectly. It’s also good to know Good Smile Company didn’t use real wood for this release.

Not too many companies spend too much time, money and effort in creating the perfect packaging. Packaging says a lot about a company’s reputation and style and Miku’s does just that. Her box is one of the prettiest out there. It has saturated roses on the front where the only window is located and has photos of Miku on the side’s one with each version of the frames she is available in. The words “World is Mine” are written in a lovely font in hot pink crediting everyone from the sculptor to the artist. One important thing to note is that there is no holographic sticker of authenticity on the box, which is quite strange. It’s a very nice box on its own one of the nicest, even if a bit too big.


It takes many minds to put a figure together and sometimes we’re too busy critiquing what they offer us and forget to be grateful that people even create these amazing pieces of art. Good Smile Company is a strong company who I believe truly cares that every fan of theirs gets a chance to own one of their figures. Sadly, they are forgetting to be extra cautious when dealing with quality. Some of the errors on their recent releases are too noticeable to overlook and could be prevented with more attention paid to quality control. They need to remember that along with a powerful company name comes a huge responsibility to please fans delivering high quality figures. No fan should settle for less. Hopefully, after Miku’s production Good Smile Company will weigh what it values most; making fabulous figures and making fans happy or making lots of copies with far too many defects than normal. Overall, Miku is an amazing figure that truly captivates everyone and exudes beauty; she will definitely satisfy true fans.

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SweetbitterCandyLove the review~

I really can't wait to get mind, but my local shops are of course..slow. ;;;.


Thanks! I'm glad you loved it. Hope it helped informing you on what you'll be getting.
Love the review~

I really can't wait to get mind, but my local shops are of course..slow. ;;;.

Got her at AmiAmi, 20% off.
@ Kumasanmk: Thanks! That's cool, hopefully you got her for a fair price. I think this one might go on sale but who knows?

@ Kibi: Thank you, it really means a lot to me. I like her but there are other figures in my colletioc that I really love.

Well... I gave some negative aspects like the seam lines and how the paint isn't that great but overall she's great. You would have to hold her in your hand to feel and see how delicate she is.
Kibi Prisma Kibino
Great review! One of the best reviews I'ver ever read. You really love her, do you?

To be honest, I was hoping to read about some more negative aspects of this figure. Something to hold me back. But everyone seems with her.
Cool and fluent review. I finally cracked down and ordered this gorgeous figure.
Yeah, I feel a figure's head deserves a paragraph of its own. Glad I made you laugh.

Thank you, glad they helped you see the figure's flaws. As a whole this figure is really fun too shoot but mostly all the pics I have of her are grainy.
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
"Reviewing a figures head" for some reason I couldn't help but chuckle at that haha...

Nice photos by the way...They may be abit grainy like you said, but they let me see the problems your talking about unlike mine where I do my best to gloss them over. :p