Where to get info on upcoming figures ?Where to get info on upcoming figures ?


Fairly simple question :

Where do you get info on upcoming figures ?

Instead of me browsing the shops every day to see what's currently on pre-order I'd like to know if there's a more efficient way to plan for upcoming figures.

Are there magazines I can subscribe to or sites to visit that contain news like this ? If so, could ya'll share that info ?

Much like there are magazines for anime or manga, I'm sure there must be some magazines on figures ... I've heard about Hobby Japan but can't really find it here in Belgium ... so I'd prefer some online news feed if they exist.

I've also checked on moeyo.com but eventhough I studied Japanese an English site would be so much easier :D

As an example I'm looking for sites or magazines that contain these kind of preview pictures which I accidentally found here on MFC :

ITEM #396941
ITEM #117974

Any help is appreciated !
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A great, simple question that I struggled to find an answer to.

So far I've subscribed to the encyclopedia entries on this site for the companies I'm interested in, which is a huge step forward, but the ideal solution would be to define search criteria that would trigger a notification when something new was added that matched. I don't know if that's possible, but I couldn't find a way to do it...

I'm going to check out some of the blogs suggested here too...
Personally I follow the GSC umbrella twitters especially Kahotan's to get photos fast. :)
Plastikitty's blog is a personal favourite, and for Miku figures, Mikufan is my pick. ^_^
I also use Nekomagic.com for upcoming releases and Wonderfest/Comiket highlights.
Moonlit Saki works well for me and they keep track of HobbyMax and Myethos which is great. You will have to otherwise subscribe to the respective clubs on here to keep tabs on them if you plan to be on a solely MFC figure information diet.
I stalk amiami and nipponyasan (because amiami does not put up figure preorders for exclusives, but NY does) on a daily basis to see what new preorders appear.

For MFC I do things via 2 methods once every few days

1. Upper tabs: database > figures page, look at the new item entries
2. Upper tabs: Pictures > browse > filter and browse by categories Chan (and also Official). Members of the site will be posting photos of newly announced and existing (unreleased) figures taken from various japanese sites and blogs. If a photo caught my attention, i open the photo, and look for the 'related items' on the right tab which leads me to the item entry. I will subscribe to changes on the right tab if im interested to keep watch on price and release dates.

If you know how to make use of the tools on MFC, that's all you need.
I subscribe to figurenews.blog.jp on tumblr.
It's in Japanese, but I mostly just flick through the images and if I see something I like, I'll find it on mfc.
It also gives updates on figures from other countries, like Myethos.
Methods I use:

- Stalking Amiami once a day (they tend to update the new releases during Japan's afternoon)
- Keeping an eye on figure dedicated blogs (Plastikitty, OhNoRaptors, etc), especially during event season (WonFes, Comiket, etc)
- Many fandoms have dedicated blogs/websites keeping track for that specific franchise. My main fandoms (Sailor Moon, Tales and Hetalia) all have one

Personally, I find all of this combined to be more effective than stalking MFC and trying to find something of my interest amidst all new entries. But if you aren't too concerned about being ahead or getting to know about ALL releases, subscribing to MFC should suffice :)
You can also subscribe to characters or series/franchises, not just to specific figures. There's a subscribe button on their respective encyclopedia entries. Super useful when you want to follow something in particular! New items entered in the database for that franchise/character/etc will pop in your notifications.
saintbe (2年前) #10540731Amazing site ! Great info ! I had no idea we could subsribe to 'comment and changes'... I have immediately done so for a couple of figures !!!
Thanks a bunch !

No problem. Glad I could help a bit ;)
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