Doesn't Goodsmile Racing & TeamUKYO want sales this year?Doesn't Goodsmile Racing & TeamUKYO want sales this year?

(The following pertains to ITEM #321898 and ITEM #321896.)

Racing Miku... one of the diva's more unusual entertainment crossovers and perhaps her only foray into the world of competitive sports.

Hardcore Miku collectors are likely to rush to complete the Racing Miku figure PO process no matter what they see. But others like myself are harder to win over, for the decision to sponsor the team hinges primarily upon the appeal of the year's theme and design of the Miku model.

...But what those prospective customers had only a vague sense of what they were purchasing during the PO period? That seems to be the case this year, considering GSC failed to produce good prototypes/preview material of the articulated Racing Miku 2016 models in time for WonderFest. Worse still, neither figure was updated for the duration of their respective PO periods.

I really loved the past three Racing Miku, but there is no way I would pay 8,000 yen (minimum) for some upcoming release lacking a painted prototype. Sorry Goodsmile Racing and TeamUKYO. It seems my money will be staying put this year.
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Would you PO a yet-unreleased figure without seeing a proper prototype?

  • 13%If it was one of my favorite characters, then of course!
  • 6%Well, if it's part of a series/line I'm collecting, I don't have much choice in the matter...
  • 11%Sure, provided its concept art has won me over
  • 4%It really depends on whether I can afford it when payment comes due
  • 12%Maybe
  • 55%No, absolutely not!
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I like the crossover of Miku and Racing/ competitive sports. I'm an athlete myself, and I've always wanted to see a bigger connection between the world of sports and anime, which are two things that are still all but mutually exclusive. Maybe one day we'll see Miku on a NASCAR car or F1 car :)
IshokuOsero Idol in training <3
I don't generally buy the sponsorships for the figures, I buy them because I want the clothes (I'm wearing the shorts from last year's Nendo currently, and I wear the fleece jacket whenever I can and loooove the socks more than I should admit to). I do trust GSC to do a great job with their figures, however, so if I was just in it for the figures I wouldn't mind ordering before seeing the prototype.
I think is like you said: At this point they are betting that the fact is Miku will sell enough to justify only a picture of what the figure may or may not be. After all Miku is extremely popular :/

Anyways I have never been in a situation like this before so I can't really say I wouldn't PO. Most likely I won't but It depends on the character too? I'm not sure.
I'm surprised that nothing has been revealed about this figma/nedo yet; I was thinking about POing her too, but not without seeing a prototype at least.

I would instantly PO a figma if it is a character I absolutely love, which doesn't happen often, regardless of whether a prototype has been shown or not (I actually don't know much about Miku, I just enjoy some of her futuristic getups). With scales, I prefer to see a prototype first as I'm pickier with those.
I usually don't preorder to begin with. In the off-chance that I do, it has to be a figure from a reputable company, with an amazing prototype, and of a character I really like.

In this case, the prototype isn't amazing for the Nendo. Racing Mikus are all about the decals and the color schemes, so a colorless one is pretty much no help at all. The figma doesn't even have a prototype.
Coupled with the fact that Mikus are hit-or-miss a lot of times, I probably won't be preordering it. I'd rather pay a couple of bucks extra in the aftermarket than to take a gamble like that on a figure I might not like.
The concept of Racing Miku is super cool, but the designs have been hit and miss so far. I love the ones that have some smidge of resemblance to actual racers such as the Ev Mirai ones, but this years definitely does not fit in that category.

Now if they ever announce a Miku in an actually functional race suit, I'll be slamming that PO button super duper fast.
I've actually disliked the past couple of racing miku figs (not just those from gsc btw). My fav is ITEM #198541 but after that I started to dislike what they did with the newer ones even those before were a bit 'meh'.
I actually didn't know about the new one up until this post
GSC has always reopened preorders for the Nendo and Figma after showing off prototypes, so no. I haven't ordered those figures without seeing a prototype first, but that doesn't mean there can't be a figure ever that won't make me.
Yeah, I'll pre-order a figure I haven't seen a prototype of, but mainly if they're a favourite and they don't have a lot of figures.
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