Bringing the hobby to your door.

Hello! Gah this is my first loot that I'm sharing with MFC. I was really excited about these months because a lot of great things were coming in. Also I just settled the payment on my Himari/Princess of the Crystal body pillow x.x She is my waifu, so I'm super excited for my first Dakimakura!

What came in:
-Mami figma
-Mami Beach Queens (I hope to have all the Madoka BQs soon)
-Super Sonico set
-Madoka petits (which I grabbed on Plamoya in the sale. These are a pain in the butt to assemble)
-Menma Nendoroid
-A Channel Yuuko EX figure
-Oriemo Ayase EX Beach Queen figure
-Miku Hatsune Tell Your World Album

What I'm waiting for this month:
-Kotetsu figure (he is my husbando, so I have to have everything of him)
-Himari Body Pillow
-Ringo Oginome TAITO
-A Channel Tooru EX figure (to complete my set)

Just a good month. Getting ready for my 15th birthday! I got tickets to the SMTOWN concert in Los Angeles and those were my only present since they are pretty pricey. I wish I could get a pricey figure, but seeing SHINee is almost better. Heh. Also I'm happy about getting my first Miku album. I have loved Vocaloid forever and I went to the Vocaloid concert at Anime Expo last year and it was a dream come true. I was so close (7th row center baby hell YEAH) and I feel like it was yesterday.. ;~;

Everyone have good days/weeks!!
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