Tenshino Onnanoko - 1/6 - Pink - Asia Version (Clayz)Tenshino Onnanoko - 1/6 - Pink - Asia Version (Clayz)

The following review contains minor nudity, it may not be suitable for work.

Yet my second review. This time it's Takeshi Miyagawa's masterpiece, Tenshino Onnanoko pink version.


Sculpting: Nice job I say, especially with the wings. The small feathers are shaped one by one on both sides of the wings. Her head and hair is also very highly detailed. The only problem I see on her is her chest, which is a bit unnatural but not too bad. Interestingly even her collar-bone can be seen.



Painting: It looks so simple, but it isn't. The figure itself looks like it didn't need too meticulous painting, but it is very detailed. Her eyes are beautiful and there's a cute little blush on her cheeks. The wings are also very well painted, all of the little feathers have a light pink shade. Even her base has a bit of shading.


Posing: The pose is beautiful from all angles. The wings don't cover too much though. There is and extra little "nest" to put under her so the most explicit parts can be covered if wanted.

Base: The only bad part of the figure. It fits the character nicely, but it's very light and the figure itself is a bit heavy, especially her wings. Another bad thing is that she can be attached to this base by only one small plastic rod which is very weak and fragile. It broke in my hands when I was trying to put it in its place...

Packaging: The box was fine. There's only one big window on the front and the box is decorated with official shots of the other versions. Nothing else to say about it really.

Enjoy: Personally I really enjoyed taking photos of her. She's so pretty. I recommend this figure for all collectors.
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Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Mmm not too fond of how her breasts are shaped myself either, but the rest looks quite nice! Especially interesting face...Almost has a shojo mangaish feel to it.
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