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Hello MFC! This is my first time receiving a damaged item from AmiAmi (and for my most expensive purchase too.. gah) so I could use a few pointers.

A quick background. The other day I received a shipment from AmiAmi for the 4 lingerie sabers (ITEM #275808). I was so happy, and after unpacking everything and displaying the sabers, I was met with this (crack):

Despite the triple layer of packaging..

I informed AmiAmi about the damage, and this is their reply
AmiAmiHi again.

Thank you for the photos.

It would seem that the case was unfortunately damaged during shipment.

You have chosen for your order to be shipped by an insured shipping method
and therefore it should be eligible to receive damage compensation. Please
kindly visit your local post office to submit a damage report and provide
us with a scan or legible photo of your customer's copy. It should include
postal markings to confirm that it has been submitted. We will then forwar
d the document to Japan Post to process your claim.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Thank you for shopping at AmiAmi.


So, I went to my post office earlier today (god they make you go through so many hoops just to file insurance) and they gave me the claim form. I have to ask AmiAmi how much should I put in the goods value/repair cost field, but I'm not sure whether they're going to replace the item or what.. I don't even know if the claim should go to me or them (again, sent them an e-mail just now and will be waiting for reply)

-Just in case- they are not replacing the item, how should I contact the manufacturer? I think I found Wave's website (www.hobby-wave....), however, unlike GSC, I hardly spotted any English.. Would they understand English?

If anyone have any pointers for me, do tell!
It's not the end of the world if the case is broken, but for my most expensive purchase I was devastated to see a damage on it :( (the figures were gorgeous nonetheless)

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Ahh man I hope you'll be able find a replacement acrylic case. I'm sure it shouldn't be too hard.
I called the postal customer service and they said that the post office is not supposed to hold my items and return it immediately, so they will investigate into this..
Welp, this is turning to a bigger deal than it should..

I contacted Wave to see if they have a replacement but most likely I will follow fgrthiuy's advice to repair it..

Thank you everyone for the advices. Hopefully this process will go smoother.
1. Waiting for local post office to return me my items
2. Waiting for AmiAmi to give me store credit.
3. Waiting for advice from Wave for item replacement.

The good thing is that Wave has something similar on their rakuten site:

The bad thing is that they don't have it in their 'overseas store'

Worst case, Rakuten seem to be able to help with forwarding service

So there's likely a solution as long as there's money..
Hope it all works out!
superunature5年前#3120312PS Form 2856, I got the 2855 instead because the clerk said 2856 was for internal use.

The sad part is, they took away my packaging for now and said they won't return the damaged item if the claim is processed :(

Such a hassle >.< will contact wave to check if they have a cheap replacement, or i might end up asking a local store somewhere to make me custom acrylic case @_@
If your damage claim is accepted, we wil be able to provide compensation f
or the item as AmiAmi points. You would then be free to use the points on
any future purchases at our store.

Well at least one thing I know - AmiAmi won't be replacing it :(
First of all congrats on getting lingerie Sabers. They're gorgeous~

To be honest I'm not surprised the acrylic case cracked. I've bought some risers overseas, carried them back in person as carry on luggage and the buggers still fractured. That's the annoying thing with cases. Expensive to buy and fragile as heck. Good luck on claiming your insurance
superunature5年前#3120312PS Form 2856, Damage Report of Insured Article and ContentsGreat.. Thank you!
I guess the USPS clerk didn't know what she had to give me too.. I got the normal PS 1000 form for insurance claim..
Too bad the local post office is closed already.. I'm going to rush there first thing in the morning tomorrow.
acolyte5年前#3120302crapppp so that was the wrong form i took from them which is the claim form..
What form should I ask them? I scanned that form to amiami too to ask.. Oops -_-

921.53 Priority Mail Express International Items, Registered Mail Items, and Insured and Ordinary Parcels With Damaged or Missing Contents

Customers must go to a Post Office to report items that are damaged or are missing contents. Postal personnel should complete PS Form 673, Report of Rifled Parcel, in accordance with POM 169.3 or PS Form 2856, Damage Report of Insured Article and Contents, in accordance with POM 146.112 for international and/or domestic articles as applicable.
acolyte5年前#3120271ah.. You just helped me cross the thought of supergluing the crack off my mind, worst case.
Great to hear yours survived.. Ouch >.< the box is damn huge it's hard to carry in your hands >.>

Yeah, I'd stay away from the superglue for sure in a case like this. In my experience it'll leave quite a residue on clear objects like this.

The smell when I opened the box reminded me of the specialized solvent we had in Highschool shop when we worked with plexi, it's likely to have a much cleaner result.
superunature5年前#3120299you don't file insurance here because it didn't originate from here.crapppp so that was the wrong form i took from them which is the claim form..
What form should I ask them? I scanned that form to amiami too to ask.. Oops -_-