Hatsune Miku 1/8 Love is War DX ver (GSC)Hatsune Miku 1/8 Love is War DX ver (GSC)Review

http://myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2012/02/19/371736.jpegToday we'll be taking a look at GOODSMILECMPANY's latest Miku Hatsune figure from the "Love is War" music video. There were two versions, a standard one which included a stripped down tower for a base and an deluxe version with more of the tower shown from the video. For the purposes of this review, we'll be looking at the deluxe version. Besides the different bases between the two versions the main difference is that the deluxe version was only available for purchase directly from GSC's online store. However, it was open to international customers which definitely helped keep costs down for many that were interested in acquiring her.

The Deluxe version retailed for 14,000 Yen. If you purchased her directly from GSC shipping was a flat* 2,000 Yen for EMS. If you ordered one figure, the shipping weight was a little over 4 Kilograms which normally would have cost a lot more. However, I have a feeling some of that shipping cost was already built into the price of the figure and they probably got a good deal from Singapore Post. The deluxe version was only available for order for a limited time which has come and gone. At this time she is only available on the secondary market and from a few retailers that decided to stock her for a very inflated price. There really isn't any goal today except to just take a closer look at the figure and what she has to offer.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Warning!!!!!! This review contains panty shots, proceed at your own risk.

Packaging: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡








Well, besides the fact the packaging is large and imposing it also looks very nice. The choice of pictures, text and colors compliment each other nicely. Not sure what you call the effect they used on the packaging where it looks like they either used a sponge to paint the surface or splattered paint all over it but it contrasts nicely with the dull black. There are of course no window panels to see the contents but that's understandable for this particular figure and the pictures they choose got the job done.

Dimensions of the packaging:
H: 272 mm
W: 422 mm
D: 372 mm

A lightweight non-corrugated cardboard was used to make up the packaging. However the multiple layering of the cardboard in the design means any weight savings was lost as the package empty is quite heavy. Not that I'm complaining as I rather have the protection afforded by the layering and size of the packaging. Unless they try to damage the packaging while on her way to you she should get to you safely. However, if you didn't purchase her through GSC, you will definitely be paying out the nose for shipping due to the size and weight.

As mentioned when packed in the shipping box GSC used to send her to me, the declared shipping weight was 4.1 Kg. The shipping box appeared to vary but more than likely a reseller will just reuse the original shipping box. My shipping box was provided by Singapore Post and it was very heavy by itself. It was made of medium weight, triple wall corrugated cardboard layered in such a way you basically ended up with maybe 9 walls on each side. There was basically no way the figure box would be damaged short of gunfire directed at it. This was good if of course you only had to pay that flat shipping fee from GSC but otherwise I'm sure you won't be happy with the shipping bill.

Instructions were included which was appreciated but not really needed. I didn't really look at the instructions at all as the picture on the figure box was sufficient while putting her together.

The blister used consisted of multiple pieces to provide maximum protection to each piece. The various pieces and layers interlocked increasing the strength and protection even more. The different layers were also held together securely by metal wire. The tolerances on the pockets in the blister were very tight and nothing should shift during transport to you. Which was fortunate because barely any plastic lining was used to protect the figure from rubbing or paint transfer. Of course all this protection comes at the expense of weight again. Looking at everything they did, she should get to you safely. They actually did a lousy job packing mine. The shipping box was big enough that the figure box was bouncing around in it. They did not use any sort of padding/wadding/filler/etc yet my figure box did not receive a single dent or scratch and nothing inside shifted or broke.

GSC did a nice job in design the look of the packaging but went above and beyond in ensuring she was well protected. Normally the weight and size would be an issue but the "low" flat shipping cost made this a non-issue for those that pre-ordered her. Basically the packaging was almost as impressive as the figure. Expectations were met and exceeded.

Sculpting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
Sculpting credits go to Ishinaga Sakurako who has been working on figures for several years now. Looking at the past work as well as the more recent figures it's pretty obvious this sculptor has improved a lot in such areas as the capturing the expression of a figure, facial features, details and overall execution. Below you can see some of the girls the sculptor has worked on. Interesting enough most if not all of them had the same artist attached to them, RedJuice.

The figure is 1/8th in scale and comes in three separate pieces. The main body and her two tails. The megaphone from the video is also included and a metal wire to connect to the megaphone. The wire itself may add to the overall presentation of the figure but it isn't really necessary, I'll go into more details in another section. However, I'll say this much just like the previous implementations on wires it is a pain in the butt to install while making it look nice. Also it's stiff enough that you could break it while struggling to install it. I also do have an issue with the megaphone which will be addressed in another section. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the quality or execution but instead accuracy when compared to the video.

We'll talk more about her hair shortly but I wanted to point out the metal support rods used along the length of each tail to support the delicate pieces and hopefully prevent leaning. Also, the fit was very tight. It took probably close to 10 minutes for me to install both tails by wiggling it in. The most difficult part for me was finding a place to hold the tails without damaging the hair.

Let's move on to the main attraction.



First lets say the pictures do not do this figure justice. Her flesh tone was such that it was difficult to photograph her without it appearing off. I had to compromise by adjusting to it and the overall quality suffered. I actually ran into the same problem with the other Miku figures by the same sculptor and they were basically under the GSC umbrella. I guess at least they were consistent in that even if it causes me problems. You can basically see they had the same exact problem in the official photos and that's why she's not fully lit up. In any case, as mentioned please understand she looks a whole lot better in person.

Let's start with that face of hers. One thing that will catch your attention is her mouth. I thought they did a great there. Making the inside piece its own separate part definitely paid dividends as the details and overall execution was superb. Top notch for a 1/8th scaled figure. Her strong features such as that chin and jawline of hers goes perfectly with that mouth of hers. The transition to her neck and torso was seamless and natural looking. My only real concern is her hair ornaments are barely attached and I'm surprised I didn't break them while mounting her hair. The typical seam line at the top of her head is minimized quite nicely by her hairstyle. I just want to reach out and run my fingers through her bangs and mess them up some more. 8Þ

The eye catcher on this figure is definitely those tails of hers. Just look at the details put into both of them. It really looks like the wind is ripping around her as she shouts down from that tower. Her hair just looks amazing from all sides. However, it is as fragile as it is impressive. Look at all the pieces that can break/snap off if you're not careful. I have to imagine if anything breaks on her it will definitely be some of her hair. But the risks are sure worth if with how amazing they look. Note they are very rigid and heavy due to both the materials used as well as the support rods running through them. If anything I'd be more worried about how she's mounted by two little foot pegs on just one foot...

I just can't get enough of how amazing her hair looks. She definitely has the best or one of the best looking static hair on a figure to date. It looks so alive that I really can picture them rippling about.

One area I do wish they would have done a "better" job is her fingers and hands. They seem to be the same size but the overall execution just seems I don't know, cheap? They just seem like something you find on a prize figure. Granted, she has long slender fingers and at 1/8th scale it really makes it difficult to work with but more details and substance could have been put into them especially for her price point.

Now where I have to say they did a decent job is the transition points from her flesh to her outfit. Look at the various areas where they could have been gaps and seams. The tolerances observed at the various points on the figure makes me comfortable in believing the bulk if not all of the other figures should be similar. The QC on this figure was top notch as I just didn't really see any sculpting/assembly issues.

Let's take a closer look at her outfit. Look at the details they put into it. All those wrinkles and how her svelte frame shows through is simply fantastic. From all sides and angles it just looks so realistic and detailed. It really looks like she is wearing that shirt and that the material is really reacting to the wind blowing around her. I love the job they did with her tie and that strap at her skirt as well as how the bottom of her shirt flaps about.

The attention to details in her lovely legs can easily be demonstrated here. Look at the musculature and curves that those low rise panties show off. You get an eyeful of curves as her flesh is squeezed and spills out as those panties just dig in stretching to their breaking point. She's got a killer butt that just won't quit. The transition from her thighs to those thigh high boots was seamless and looked natural. I just can't get enough of the detailing they did at her inner thigh it just looks so hot.

Her legs are long and shapely. Note the details they put into her boots even though it is difficult to see. They put in wrinkles around her knees particular the back as well around the back of her ankles. They match the rest of her physique perfectly. As mentioned the biggest concern for me is all of that weight concentrated at the top is only held in check by two foot pegs in her right foot. She's pretty stable and her leg is strong but time will tell if that will be the case later on.

Ishinaga Sakurako did a fantastic job sculpting this figure. The overall detail and execution was superb. GSC did a fantastic job assembling her as well as the quality control. I just didn't see any issues at all which I was pretty much expecting considering her price point and that she was made to order. As mentioned the pictures do not do her justice. My expectations were met and exceeded easily in regards to the fit and finish of this figure.

Painting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
GSC usually employs all of the tools at their disposal to color their figures and this figure isn't any different. However, as mentioned previously her flesh tone was rather difficult to photograph when the figure was fully lit. Due to the compromises I had to make the photographs are somewhat off in the actual colors.





Let's start with her face. As you can see they did a nice job on her eyes. They were placed precisely and look pretty good. As mentioned they did a fantastic job on her mouth, teeth and tongue. The scene stealer is definitely her hair. Look at the shading they put into those tails to give the hair more depth, volume and dimension. It really adds to the effect they were going for with how the various strands are fluttering about in the wind. Gradation was used as well which further accentuated the details found throughout her hair.

Looking at her outfit, you can see the various areas that were painted by hand was done pretty precisely. The tinting of her flesh was done well and consistent with the previous Miku figures. The shading used in her outfit accentuated the details quite nicely and definitely made it look more realistic.

The coloring of the base was just as detailed. It wasn't one flat color but instead the metal platform looked distressed giving it an authentic look of metal exposed to the elements for a long time. The patterns used in the speakers are probably unique between bases due to the way they were painted. I'm guessing they used some sort of sponge to bring about that effect. Results may vary between bases but at least for mine they look great.

GSC did a nice job coloring the figure and base. I just didn't see any issues. My only real "complaint" was that her skin was difficult to photograph but that's really my failing and not GSC's problem. She looked like the official photos and definitely better in person. My expectations were definitely met.

Posing: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
Well, if you watched the music video you'll notice three accuracy issues with the figure's pose. First, there was no cable attached to the megaphone. Granted it does add a certain flair to the overall presentation. However it's a pain in the butt to setup and just adds more weight to the figure for that one foot to support. The second thing is at the point that she's actually holding the megaphone in her left hand, she already broke it. The casing should have a big crack in it. You could probably remedy that yourself I guess? And last, even though I understand the music video was just an inspiration for the figure the scene closes to the pose had the megaphone in her right hand not left. However, it's doesn't change the fact pose just looks amazing especially when combined with the base.

The expression on her face as she sings with all her might standing defiantly against the world. Even without the base, just that hair alone looks amazing. The hair just makes the figure very dynamic, I can't say it enough it really looks like her hair is fluttering around. I can almost feel the wind around me that I get the chills. And I just love those raw emotions you see in her face. I'd say it lends itself nicely to the video, in fact I think she should be angrier. 8Þ

Ishinaga Sakurako did a great job with her expression, it just looks so lively and different from the Miku we're used to seeing. She just seems more strong and full of life. Display options are some what limited by the space taken up. However, she appears best at eye level, slightly below or above it. Expectations were met and exceeded.

Base: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
It's pretty obvious that the base supports the theme of the figure. Heck the base could be considered a figure by itself due to the importance of it. The overall size, detail and presentation just blows me away. However it's pretty obvious this base was not meant to be moved around. Once it finds a home you should just leave it alone. If you constantly move it around or adjust it it will probably start to lean due to the weight of those speakers on top. Just one speaker is heavier than the figure. They could have probably done a better job reinforcing it but as mentioned if you just leave it alone it's fine. Heck during the photo shoot where I was constantly removing pieces and Miku I really didn't have any issues with it leaning/bending. However, when I picked it up it did start to bend/lean. So just leave it along and you should be OK.

The base does require some assembly but it was actually pretty straight forward. I actually took it completely apart to make sure everything fit snugly and lined up without the aid of the instructions except for maybe the rails? Even then it was pretty obvious how things had to go but I have to say the rails were a pain in the butt due to how they interlocked. Also while assembling the base, I noticed the floor on the platform was actually a metal mesh which I thought was pretty neat. Everything lined up and fit without issue. The tolerances on the various components and QC employed were tight.

Now I don't know about you but some other uses I found for the base was a tool for Haruhi to rule the world and for another Vocaloid to perform. 8Þ


What can I say? This is probably the most impressive base I have seen to date. GSC just seems to keep knocking out some impressive bases which I fully appreciate. I truly believe a good base can make a great figure even better. And a horrible base can ruin a nice figure. Expectations were met and exceeded, keep up the good work.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
Here we are at the end of our tour as indicated at the beginning there was no objective except to take a closer look at the figure. Was she worth it? She was an expensive figure but when you take into account: the packaging of the figure, the "flat" shipping rate, that impressive base and an equally impressive figure. I'd say it was definitely worth it. I've paid much more for less. I'd say she was a value buy if you could get her from GSC. Now considering the insane prices now from the resellers that's really a decision you'll have to make. It's come to a point that I have no problem walking away if I just feel the other person is being too greedy. The details, effort and quality put into this figure was noticeable and appreciated. I do not regret ordering her from GSC and can't wait to see what they have to offer next. The fact that I didn't have to go through a proxy made it even better. I will definitely enjoy owning her for years to come.

See you later.
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thecagebirdsings4年前#13926706Man, what a time to have purchased her ;A; Today she would probably be over 20,000 in preorder ;A;

Wow, do my pictures suck... =(

Wish it was easy to retake the photos to update the reviews... at this point it would be easier to just redo the reviews like a follow up to see if my views on the figure changed since then.
Man, what a time to have purchased her ;A; Today she would probably be over 20,000 in preorder ;A;
Thanks for the review! Now I just can't wait to get it! やぁ(´・ω・`)
DrewBrilliant review! For space reasons went with the standard version which I now regret. I've taken a quick snap to show roughly how the wire can be done with plenty of patience - obviously easier with the std.

PICTURE #383264

Looks great. What did you do? I tried to use a cup and wrap the wire around it. It looked fine then but trying to get it in place just didn't work since it just messed up the nicely curved wire again.
Brilliant review! For space reasons went with the standard version which I now regret. I've taken a quick snap to show roughly how the wire can be done with plenty of patience - obviously easier with the std.

PICTURE #383264
Awesome review. It makes me wish I hadn't missed out on the DX version...but then I wouldn't have been able to fit her in my shelf. ;^__^ Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

Love the group shot of Miku's on there. I'd probably keep it that way if I owned those 3 figures. ^__^
Wow, those panties aren't just low, they're falling off. What the hell?
A perfect review, I had not seen for a long time a good review like this, keep it up my friend. You also make me drooling for her now. I tried to hold back the temptation but oh boy, u release that temptation again.

I really love the figure but I do not think it is that impressive, well the base and the box is another story. But the figure itself, it is just missing something, it kinds of plain in my opinion as we have GSC mass produce all kind of Miku in different videos. I kind of immune to her looks, poses, and stuffs.

Then again, at one of your picture, you really do capture a very human angle in the figure which makes me feel that this figure worth every single cents --> result to me starting to have delusion about adding her in my collection. Overall, great job!!!
AnnieAzuragreat review! tho i'm not a miku fan, and wouldn't get this figure for many many reason, the pics were stunning.

something indirectly related, but those panties are WAY too low for me -.-.....i have a good enough imagination to imagine how those panties would actually feel like being worn...and i can say it makes me uncomfortable. real panties are not that low! >.<;;;; *criinnnggeee*

Ya i noticed that too but its anime i guess,
Even though im pretty sure the main attraction of this figure is not sex appeal.

This is a beautiful figure that i wish i owned ;-;
great review! tho i'm not a miku fan, and wouldn't get this figure for many many reason, the pics were stunning.

something indirectly related, but those panties are WAY too low for me -.-.....i have a good enough imagination to imagine how those panties would actually feel like being worn...and i can say it makes me uncomfortable. real panties are not that low! >.<;;;; *criinnnggeee*