Roaches and... more roachesRoaches and... more roaches

My [first] Germran roach story.
I'm pissed and I need to rant out.

I never had a roach or pest problem in my life up until now. It's really stressful!

I moved to a new apartment (but a rather old building). A month later I saw my first German roach ever and I was saddened. I'm not afraid of them but what I hate is how they multiply like crazy.

First saw one just crawling underneath the dining table. I'm like, meh probably just this odd one that sneaked in.
Then I saw a huge one just chilling on my drawer in my room. I caught it in a plastic bag, shuddered, wimped, and bludgeoned the crap out of it as I've been told they don't die easily.
What if it had crawled all over my figures too? *sighs*

Aaw shit.
If I saw two, that means I've got probably 100 somewhere else. Ever since that day, I have been seeing roaches every day mainly around the kitchen.
FYI I always clean my kitchen. Clean up the counters every time I cook, no dishes are left in the sink, sweep, and mop every week.

Out of curiosity, I decided to check this one dark crack between my fridge and my counter. I nudged my fridge a little (can't really move it too far as it's next to a wall too) away from the counter. Lo and behold, there was a ton of roach droppings between that crack! Including two egg shells that were hatched already. That makes about 80 baby roaches crawling somewhere. *dramatic music plays*
Makes me wonder how the previous tenant have been dealing with their roach problems, too.

I had to do some research and found a few ways to control those pests. It's not very easy as you can't catch them all. A few traps were laid in the kitchen as I noticed them more frequently around the kitchen area.

I first got some Combat Max roach motels and placed them everywhere in my flat with more of them in the kitchen. One turned up in plain sight the next morning with their belly up. A few days later, found one bellied up under my sink. Some of them were still spazzin' and having seizures.

Later, I got some Catchmaster baited glue pads and slipped one under the fridge from the side (the front was blocked by the fridge itself, rawr.)
Caught one within the same day! I was pretty excited. When I woke up the next morning, I pulled the whole sheet out and to my surprise I saw 3-4 extra ones that were underneath. Woohoo! Laid out some more and holy crap, it caught a few more roaches, ranging from little babies to adults.

I'm just kind of sad I can't really move the fridge... or rather, I'm afraid to do so.

I laid out a few other traps that were folded into a tent with peanut butter in the center for lure. Read up that some roaches have started to evolve away from sugar and that grease was more effective.
I had put this one underneath the kitchen sink cabinet close to the wall. Next morning? Caught 3 babies clustered and stuck to the edge of the glue gauze.

I just received in the mail some boric acid in a bottle. Plan on spraying that all over the kitchen perimeter.
Did you know that it weakens and kills them in two ways?
Boric acid thins out their shell so that lowers their defenses.
It also is poisonous to roaches in a natural way since it dehydrates them to death. If you sprinkle the powder finely and they manage to walk over it, the powder sticks to their bodies. Then, when they decide to groom themselves (yep -- just like a cat) they ingest the little particles of boric acid. Slowly, they will dehydrate and die.
I like this method way more than those toxic sprays since boric acid is natural and all roaches' mortal enemy.

I woke up this morning in a bad mood. Then I was taking a nice hot shower. Grabbed my facial cleanser from my shelf and that son of a flying monkey was just chillin' right behind it. Got out of my shower immediately while naked, wet, and cold just to grab a paper towel so I could catch it. Out of curiosity, I looked in there again behind my bottles and oh hell no there's a second one further into the corner.

Caught them all, wrapped in paper towel, and bludgeoned them to death. Stomach liquid soaking through paper towel. Mission success.
I probably need to lay another glue pad in the bathroom.

I am using multiple methods of roach extermination and I hope that my efforts will not go to waste. I'm sick and tired of fighting these damned things.

Share with me your roach stories. Whether you had them in your home, someone's house, or anywhere else.
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I hope one day you will annihilate them like Inuyasha did here...

ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
Roach killing expert here. I mean it, I'm killing them with burning hatred while I'm afraid of all other insects to the point I can't move and squek faintly. But roaches, especially these brown little ones - I kill instictively. So here's a few tips for your ongoing war. I'd most recommend to call pest control and cleanse the whole house but if the apartment house is too big it's usually not an option.

1. First, cut off all the water. These bastards can eat poison, nearly die, and then find a water source and drink their health back. That poison won't affect the offspring of that roach. This means, you wipe dry your sink, your shower, your bathtub and even your toilet. Not a single drop! That is essential to get rid of these pests. They can live long without food but they cannot survive without water.
2. I see you got boric acid. Good. Now get a habit of adding this powder aroud every single water source. This is the only roach poison that can't be cured by water. Let them die in extreme pain everytime they try to drink. *evil face*
3. From my experience gel poison bait is the most effective. Get a tube and put pieces of paper with this gel everywhere, in every nook and cranny, especially in a kitchen. Just to make sure they eat it and crap themselves to death.
4. Roaches can also feed on book glue so hide this food source from them. Paper glue is also used for wallpapers and roaches eat that gladly. They can live behind your wallpapers and you won't even know unless you remove them.
5. Make sure your neighbours also know about these pests and take corresponding measures against them. Otherwise it's all useless - you kill their nest in you place but your neighbour's roaches will come to you kitchen some time later anyway. Best way to cleanse the house is to call pest control. They spray all around the house and roaches die everywhere. This is not pet-friendly, so you and your neighbours might settle for less poisonous measures.
6. Clean, clean, clean. Roaches can even eat roach poo. So you will have to clean every corner weekly until your apartment is roach free.
7. Also, some other house-dwelling insects are natural roach enemies. These critters are born hunters and like wet and dark places of your house. You might have seen those - they look scary and ugly but, in fact, they kill other pests really efficiently - especially roaches. I had a long-term roach problem last summer and we tried everything. EVERYTHING. I read everything about modern roaches and found out about these house centipedes which I killed without thought before. I let the little one I saw sometime in August live. Two weeks later, I stopped seeing roaches. Then I saw this centipede in a bathroom, it was rather big and scary already but looks like it worked hard and scared away all the roaches and ate those who wouldn't leave. Now I know who's my true friend. Scary, many-legged friend. I've never seen any other insect in my apartment for a year since I let this one centipede live. It's still here and I see it or it's offspring once in a couple of months. And it guards my house against pests for which I'm eternally grateful. You know you would rathe live with a centipede that is absolutely harmless to you because it's far better that waking up in the middle of the night due to some goddamned roach which decided to run across your back.
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Elixir (4年前) #2995601"cat fleas"? They definitely bite humans, I would know as I suffered from an outbreak of them with two cats when I was a kid.
Are you seriously suggesting for them to get cats to solve a roach problem? It isn't going to guarantee anything.

1. I have never had a flea outbreak hence I never noticed fleas on my cats, even this one I found on the streets months ago, I put the medicine on her back and she doesn't even scratch herself anymore. You probably had a flea outbreak because whoever was taking care of the cats never realized one has to treat fleas.
2. I have never been bitten by a flea, probably because few times in my life I have seen a single flea. I actually didn't know cat fleas could bite humans, shame on me. And I would know if a flea bite me because I am allergic to a ton of stuff, bees, mosquitos, you name it. It all swells and hurts, I can't just not notice.
3. Cats can be very efficient on eliminating plagues, I haven't seen insects arround here for years. My cats kill even flies and I never taught it to them.
4. Where the heck do you live to have a flea outbreak? I live in a tropical 40c on summer country and I have never had a flea outbreak or heard about someone having it.
5. It was a joke if you haven't noticed.
mukyuu (4年前) #2995063"I don't know anti-flea drops you put on your cat's back that costs 5/prize figure and also that cat fleas don't bite humans"
alright whatever dude

"cat fleas"? They definitely bite humans, I would know as I suffered from an outbreak of them with two cats when I was a kid.

Are you seriously suggesting for them to get cats to solve a roach problem? It isn't going to guarantee anything.
There is not much you can do if you live in an apartment :( the tenant and other people who live in the apartment building have to be proactive too.
I just reread this to my mom because I wanted to share the horrors lol. Since we have some experience with roaches (we live in Florida, so it's a given), she suggested that you spray them with rubbing alcohol. That's what we do. Just take the cap off and attach a spray cap to it instead, whenever we see one we just grab the bottle and spray it to death. It doesn't seem like you have much of a problem with picking them up, so I don't think it's totally necessesarry, but this way you clean the area some too. Idk, just a thought :0
Oh man roaches are a pain I hate them. I had a problem with German roaches despite having a clean house but I lived in a really crappy area. I didn't use any of the techniques used above like boric acid or anything. I tried a few combinations of other stuff and to be honest they are really hard to get rid of because they're so elusive. I literally just vacuumed twice a day made sure there was no food left out and was stored away. Literally the cheapest thing to do and the most effective I have found is to purchase combat roach killer. On amazon it's under £20 and I think you get 6 roach baits. Place them about your house and depending on how bad the infestation is the bait can last for up to 3 months. Mine lasted a little longer but boy they work like a wonder and they're cheap to boot.

When the numbers reduce and you no longer see anymore it's best to keep the baits topped up for awhile because thy can hibernate and stuff for awhile and for the price it's really handy. I hope you get it sorted out they're nasty little buggers!
Elixir (4年前) #2994508If he wants a flea problem too, sure.

"I don't know anti-flea drops you put on your cat's back that costs 5/prize figure and also that cat fleas don't bite humans"

alright whatever dude
I live in Texas. Those fuckers are everywhere, they grow huge, and they can fly. I dont have a roach problem now, thank god, but I've got some horror stories from the past. One fell on my face when I was taking a shower. One crawled across my face when I was asleep. One divebombed me at work! I swear they can sense fear. They are the only irrational fear I have. Normally I like bugs.
I haven't dealt with roach problems for about 10 years. My first home and my grandmother's home had roach problems, but the apartment complex I moved had very little pest problems aside from an occasional silverfish. I'd rather deal with those instead of roaches any day. My current home is new and only had a minor ant issue, but that seems to have gone away. I know I'd freak over seeing roaches in my home again since I haven't dealt with them in such a long time.
Moro (4年前) #2993037Nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.

Actually, roaches can actually still survive at a level of 10,000 rads, which is about the same level of radiation that hit Hiroshima in WWII (source: Mythbusters).

Personally, I find roaches to be horrifying(!!!), so real props to terramishu for exterminating these things! I had a sink in my backyard and they would crawl up the drain and every morning there would be a sink full of roaches. I used some powdered insecticide but it didn't do anything, but pouring boiling water on those things worked (and also made them squirm disgustingly as they died).

Unfortunately, I recall watching a documentary somewhere that was similar to this case, and the tenant of the infested apartment couldn't kill all the roaches by himself because it was an issue with the entire apartment complex and the landlord wasn't willing to hire exterminators.

Also, I really enjoyed this post, it was totally unrelated to collecting so it was refreshing (albeit disgusting too, lol)
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