I don't blog regularly anymore, but I figured this would be a good idea for my first blog post on MFC. Here we go! It should go without saying, but I'm only including figures I own in this list.

Top 5 Figures - Figures Released in 2014
This year was an interesting year in several ways. Definitely my biggest spending year since I started collecting. My shelving expansion project was satisfying, except now even with the extra room I'm looking like I will fill it up by the middle of 2015 already! Also this year was a first for several things: first male character figures, first cast off on display (though displayed with clothes on :P), first nendoroid... An eventful year!

5) Hasegawa Kobato - Noble Blood of Night ver (Kotobukiya)
One of the few Koto figures I have. I wouldn't consider this one an overall favorite in my collection but I like how it turned out (I got this one rather than the black dress one for the different face) and there wasn't much competition for this fifth spot since I don't own many figures released this year.

4) Kirigiri Kyouko (Phat Company)
I haven't gotten around to playing the games yet, but the design of this one is just really good. Mine had a few paint flaws but I'm still happy with it.

3) Akemi Homura - Haregi ver (Stronger)
When the Maiko Madoka scale was announced, I wasn't really interested, but having seen how Homura turned out and how promising Mami's haregi version is looking I couldn't pass this up. All in for the whole set. Those gloves. That bangs pull! That smile!! Hurry up with the rest, please, Aniplex.

2) Suigintou - Nendoroid (Good Smile Company)
It took 440 nendos before they made one that finally broke my resistance down. She turned out so great. My first nendo ever. The first of...well, several. I'm an official nendo cultist now.

1) Dark Angel Olivia - Red Twintails ver (Kotobukiya)
No contest. Hands down best of the year and one of my new collection favorites. I don't think I've hit the preorder button so hard since Ultimate Madoka. She's gorgeous. Koto really outdid themselves with the detail on this figure.

Top 5 6 Figures - Older Figures Acquired in 2014
I "caught up" on several figures this year that I had previously passed on or had never known about. I think in terms of stuff I picked up that was older, this was definitely an Alter year. And a white-haired girl year, now that I think about it. I think next year is not going to be as active for me, now that I'm mostly caught up and am soon going to have to be considerate of my shelf space again. Without further ado, here's the rest of the list.

Runner Ups (aka 7-10 that I'm too lazy to rank and photograph right now but I like them all) Alice (Alpha x Omega), Kuroyukihime ~Death by Embracing~ (Max Factory), Millhiore F. Biscotti (Good Smile Company), and my most recent scale figure, Laura Bodewig Maid ver (Alter).

6) Yukiko Amagi - Nendoroid (Good Smile Company)
Would have gone with the runner-ups but since I had a picture I really liked already, she gets to jump on the list. Oh my goodness she is so adorable. Cutest nendo ever. Why aren't there more Persona nendos :(

5) Yuri Lowell & Rita Mordio (Alter)
Though two figures (well, four, technically), I'm giving these a single spot together since I got them as a pair. Best characters from Vesperia and quality Alter work. The little mimifigs they come with are a neat little bonus, too. A shame they didn't make a whole set of those sold separately.

4) Houmei (Alter)
The figure I forgot I wanted. I saw this one when it originally released and had to pass on it at the time due to the cost. I was able to snag an unopened one on amiami this year. While it does have Tony's sameface, I still think it's really pretty and it has a neat figure design, especially with the base. Really happy to have been able to pick it up this year.

3) Shinku - Nendoroid (Good Smile Company)
After my nendo defenses crumbled and I bought Suigintou, I had to get Shinku, too. She's great. Very well designed nendo. If GSC makes the rest of the RM into nendo I will buy them all. Please do it, GSC... please?

2) Melty (Alter)
I think I got this in January after it released so I can still count it for a 2014 purchase. Lovely sculpt, great paint job, and creative and unique base. Such a cutie.

1) Gwendolyn (Alter)
Another figure that I missed out on with the original release. Was able to find (and afford) one this year. Such an eye-catching figure and beautiful eyes. Her face is also really nice, the well-defined nose is a bit rare in anime figures and it really adds some depth to her face.

Hope you enjoyed. If you have done a similar post, I'd like to see them so feel link it in comments.

It's still a bit early, but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you collectors out there!
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victorviper6年前#2534265Let's see...
Top new figures of 2014

Both Lucchini and Muse are really good looking figures. Muse especially turned out fantastic! They're both a little too lewd for me to buy, but I do like them.
Kirenisa I am a collector!
Veers6年前#2534219That's a cute Miku, heh. And yeah, I typically don't preorder a lot of things, but this year there have been some announcements I'm looking forward to (and delays) so I've got a few things lined up for next year already. February is going to kill my wallet so dead. D: Oh man I hate when stuff like that happens..especially when something turns out to be a bit more expensive than you had anticipated for, such as the shipping aha..'^';
Let's see...

Top new figures of 2014:

Gift Sena Kashiwazaki ITEM #166954 : She's so cute, she looks so happy, it's Sena, and she's humongous. What more can one ask for?

Alter Francesca Lucchini ITEM #78645 : She might now be my favorite of the Alter witches. Alter quality and a dynamic pose make for a real winner.

Alter Muse of Range Murata ITEM #186018 : A lot of people were eagerly waiting for this figure, and she didn't disappoint!

Top "new to me" (preowned/bargain bin) items of 2014:

Kotobukiya Mina Tepes ITEM #27853 : I'd had my eye on Mina for a while, but she seemed to vanish off the preowned market for a while. After seeing her in person, I wished I would have bought her new ages ago!

Wave Elyse ITEM #5864 : I like cute but diabolic types, and I'd been looking for Elyse for a long time, despite knowing little about the character. For an older figure she's really well made and has some neat features.

Kotobukiya Nagi Sanzenin ITEM #5586 : She's not rare or hard to find, but every time I passed on her I felt a little twang of regret. Picked her up cheap and she was one of the best buys of 2014. She's so cute and she looks so happy that I can't help but smile when I see her sitting on the shelf.

GSC Arin ITEM #192 : Being a Pangya fan and a figure collector is kind of tough, and Arin eluded me for quite a long time. I was really stoked when I finally was able to track her down!
Kirenisa6年前#2534192Anyways currently I'd say out of my small collection so far my favorites that I obtained THIS year (not sure if that counts ^^' but) would have to be..
That's a cute Miku, heh. And yeah, I typically don't preorder a lot of things, but this year there have been some announcements I'm looking forward to (and delays) so I've got a few things lined up for next year already. February is going to kill my wallet so dead. D:
Kirenisa I am a collector!
Oh wow that's a very nice list you've got there, I don't think I have any technically "new" figures that were released this year I could be wrong.. I don't exactly keep track since I only just recently started Pre-ordering a bit.. so most of my figures were bought pre-owned. Anyways currently I'd say out of my small collection so far m y favorites that I obtained THIS year (not sure if that counts ^^' but) would have to be..

ITEM #106568
ITEM #78591