Lucky☆Star - Takara Miyuki - Figma - Summer School Uniform - 04Lucky☆Star - Takara Miyuki - Figma - Summer School Uniform - 04Review

Hello, this is my first review, so don't judge it too strict, please. The figma I'm writing about isn't new - number 46 - but it's my first figma and I just want to have a try.
I'm not sure that mine is not a bootleg. Her joints don't bend sometimes. But she has a plus: her faсe looks like her prototipe.
She has three faces: the first is usual, the second is scared, and the third is... blank. It is very amusing, I think!

This Miyuki has two bangs: with glasses and without glasses.
She has a second head, too.View spoilerHide spoiler It is Iwasaki Minami, Miyuki's childhood friend.

This figma has ten hands: two regular and eight more.
Miyuki has a cat, Nyamo. A little round cat white cat. It is very funny!
What else? This figure is nice, but beware of counterfeit!
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It's not a bootleg, it doesn't have any of the usual gloss or painting/sculpting issues. But I think one of the joints is placed wrong... The left arm doesn't look normal._. try re-assembling it (the elbow part)
I would have to agree with suzumiyaandy but very good for a first try but I like the use of photos, keep up the good work :3
Well, you got the main points, but you could of gone into a bit more detail. Either way, good job.
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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