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Fire emblem characters you'd like to seeFire emblem characters you'd like to see

I decided to open this since it got pretty offtopic below lucina figma :) but the topic is very interesting!

So which one is your fav girl? Who would you like to see in pvc form? And how would you like to see them? (Pose,form etc)

For me it would be nowi,especially in dragon form or maribelle! :D those would look stunning in pvc form ^^ !
I also like more but im like naahh they would be too boring :) so i took that into consideration as well :3
A pegasus knight could be interesting, yeah theyre making cordelia but without her horse!

Would be interesting to see sumia instead! With a flower in her hand and her pegasus behind her? Or in action pose on her horse :) !

I also lve olivia but i dunno an interesting pose for her maybe in a typical dancer pose, a bit like magi morgiana has :)
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"Fire Emblem"

Lyn's critical
Would use 3 Lyn's. 1 drawing blade in the back, 1 to the left and 1 to the right. Would be epic. I made a diagram :P
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Nino and Jaffar vs. Sonia
Sonia casting fimbolvetr. Jaffar leaping. Nino crying while casting fire.

"Fire Emblem: Awakening"
"Lon'qu vs. Lucina"
Art book cover ver. of Lucina taking off her mask to defeat Lon'qu x)

nendo petits:
Possible Characters: 28 main + 3 paralogue + 14 children + 6 spotpass + Validar
= 52 (+other non-playable)

(Tales of Vesperia got 6, so I'll make my set of 6)

Gaius (with candy), Vaike (artbook illust. pose), Panne bunny (artbook illust ver.) or Panne man-spawn vers. (I want both, would prefer human), Olivia, Severa, and Cherche with a Wyvern.

But what I really want: is revived critical animations. Seriously.
From Awakening: Frederick, Nowi, Anna

From Fates: Oboro, Azura, Soleil, Keaton, Kaden
FE13: I will totally love a scale figure of Olivia in a dancing pose >w<
And a scale figure of Lucina too ('cause I'm not a fan of figma)
I haven't played the newer titles yet, but if I'm to choose only one, of course it will be Florina (FE7). She's my all time favorite. I love everything about her: character, design, class unit. But of course, it's impossible to get a scale figure of her. >.<
Believe it or not, I'd like a scale figure of Kellam made. Unfortuantely, just like Kellam AND my post, no one will ever noticed this.
The entire FE8 cast for me please

Also the FE7 lords.

I'd like something smaller for FE:A, like nendopetits.
Hello I'm here to necro-post >:3

From Awakening I'd love to see my favourite ship, Gerome and Morgan (preferably with black and dark red hair respectively as that's how they were in my first playthrough), Lucina because DAMN she's badass and ... the posh guy with silver hair whom I wife'd. I can't for the life of me remember his name ^_^;

I'd probably buy any of the characters in their quality was nice enough because Fire Emblem characters designs are so lovely. Unfortunately I've only seen a scale of Tharja, and I'm really not into sexualised figures :(

From previous games I'd love to see Soren, Rhys, Titania, Lyon, Knoll, Nephenee, Rhys, Ilyana, Lethe, Zihark, Reyson, Elincia, Leanne, Anna and probably 20 others :D They won't make any of them but I can dream.
Chrom, Nowi, male Robin scales would be amazing, but I'd still be over the moon with any other character.

FE: I wouldn't mind a Lyn figure too
My top 3 females
#1 Say'ri
#2 Cordelia
#3 Anna

My top 3 males
#1 Lon'qu
#2 Gaius
#3 Chrom
I don't own Awakening yet (because I don't own a 3DS yet). I only own and am familiar with the Radiance series. In fact, I recently restarted Path of Radiance. With that in mind, I´d love to see Titania, Lucia, or Tanith. Especially Tanith on a Pegasus would be cool. And incredibly expensive. Still, instant pre-order. Ashera would be cool too if you don't mind an NPC.