I guess most of us have limited funds in affording new additions to our ever growing collection. I, for one, rely on my monthly salary to afford some of my pre-orders and if there's some extra cash coming in from my side-job as a game walkthrough writer, I'm able to afford a bit more.

My preferred figures are scaled and garage kits, with the exception of some articulated and trading figs so everytime I want to order something, it usually costs not less than 5,000 yen. I'm sure most of us have experienced the dilemma of choosing what to order and carefully prioritizing what you'll get first. And there are also times when the figures you really want are released on the same month(s)!
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So, how do you usually get the "emergency" funds for your orders?

23%Sell your least wanted figures or belongings
18%Borrow some money from friends/ relatives
23%Withdraw some cash from your savings
14%Get a part-time job
21%Work overtime
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Jenthehen Otaku at Law
I guess I'm old and married enough that I can't just think that all my "disposable income" goes to figures ... we're trying to save for a bigger house, having kids, etc! I try to just stick to ordering figures I really want. I think more in terms of space / reasonableness lately ... I have some figures I don't LOVE, so I am trying to sell them to make space for newer figures. I've become a lot pickier in terms of what I want now (quality over quantity, etc!)
Raithos Stagnant
Well I have a job so I pretty much use that to cover all expenses including figures while I go to university. At times I get grants and those help out a lot in figure acquisition, lol. But for the most part I work for what I got :P.

Only very recently I've found myself in the "emergency funds" category due to random things popping up. So I had to sell some doubles of high quality figures to get some cash in, to take care of my situation. This is why I usually buy doubles so that if anything I can sell the spare for a good price and still retain it at the same time. One of the worst things is having to sell a figure for cash only to want it 10 times more a couple months down the road. Money, money, money. :/
ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
I tend to hold some cash for such emergencies, but, yeah, work overtime as a tutor.
Work overtime and politely ask Amiami to hold my order a little longer. :P
Usually my brother will help me out till my next wage comes in. It's only happened twice though. I always preorder so I tend to budget but those couple of times I may have forgotten things... ;^__^

Of course it doesn't help that when you preorder you only know the month. Whether it's the beginning or the end of the month makes a lot of difference finance wise. This is why I combine orders a lot. It gives me a better chance that the payment won't be requested till later in the month.
I usually try to work over time to get extra income or I try to get extra side jobs
RaditzFan Ultimate Raditz Fan
Working extra hours at work. :)
Nothing like working more hours to get the things you want....and for that reason it feels better having done so too! The only thing I ever pre-order is games so coming up with extra funds really isn't nessesary.

(Saving up for a Dollfie Dream too, which is going to take a bite out of the wallet...but getting lots of help from dear husband as it's a 13th anniversary wish list item. :3)
Stalking Loli hunter
I work overtime :D I have decided to never sell any item from my collection, at least no figures uvu
My job. Although, I might just have to ask for shorter hours and not night shift anymore. Classes started back up today..
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