Lacia - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)Lacia - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)Review

http://myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2012/01/02/340224.jpegToday we'll be taking a look at GOODSMILECMPANY's latest heroine, Lacia, from the novel Beatless that was serialized in July of 2011 in "Monthly Newtype". Satoshi Hase is the author of Beatless and he worked with Redjuice in designing Lacia and the other girls from Beatless. Redjuice was also responsible for designing some of the recent Miku Hatsune figures.

This figure was an exclusive from the GSC online store to both domestic and international customers. The order period has since ended so you can only only obtain her now on the secondary market and various stores that specialize in stocking exclusive figures. She retailed for around 9,000 Yen with 2,000 Yen EMS shipping but if you didn't order her from GSC then be prepared for pay a lot more for her. The objective today is to just take a closer look at her.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Packaging: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆












Depending on whether you ordered her through the GSC online store or went through a proxy, you may encounter this shipping box shown on the left. This shipping box was used for a one figure order. It's a double wall, medium weight corrugated cardboard box with a declared shipping weight of over 2Kg. From Japan to the East Coast of the US, it cost them 4,700 Yen to ship via EMS. You can see they used paper wadding to protect the figure box. However, they only used wadding to surround the figure box. There wasn't any wadding below it and minimal on top. However, with the wadding in place the figure box was pretty secure and didn't shift around so any extra wasn't necessary. The shipping box is very sturdy and should definitely stand up to rough handling. She should get to you safely and cost might be a bit high with this shipping box if you go through a proxy versus GSC online store. However, I have a feeling they built in some of the shipping cost into the actual figure price so their flat rate 2,000 Yen shipping rate isn't them being generous but smart marketing.

The figure box is actually composed of multiple pieces. Within the first box you will find another box containing the figure and a protective case for the art book included. The main box is made of heavy card stock. The actual box containing the figure within is made of lightweight double wall corrugated cardboard. The level of protection for the contents easily rivals native's packaging. Size wise, it's just big enough to contain the contents. I don't really see how they could have made the packaging more compact. Of course these multiple containers and high strength material comes at a cost, GSC indicated the packaging weighed 1.47 Kg. She'll definitely get to you safely but it'll cost you especially if you go through a proxy or another store.

Dimensions of the packaging:
H: 309 mm
W: 262 mm
D: 187 mm

Weight: 1.470 Kg

The overall design for the packaging was interesting. As mentioned the first box you see isn't actually the figure box but instead holds the figure and art book in their own respective containers. There is a silhouette of the figure on the side of the packaging as well as the metallic reflective foil logo located all over the box. They went with the approach of a mock up of the shipping container of an actual humanoid robot weapon system. However, they also list background information on the character and the figure. The overall presentation is pretty slick. Love the use of the static sensitive sticker on the actual figure box inside to further immerse you into the figure's alternate world. The only down side is you can't see the figure but looking at how she was packed I doubt that would have been possible anyway.


Instructions were actually provided which was really appreciated. They are rather detailed and easily to follow in a step by step format. It would have been nice if they somehow made it follow the theme of the packaging by making it look like schematic or technical drawing instead. However, I guess it's better than nothing.


Below, you can see the art book protector. It's actually a composed of two pieces with a sleeve that slides out housing the book. The protector appears to be made of card stock and does a decent job of protecting the book.


The art book follows the theme of the packaging and appears to be an owners manual for the robot. The finish on the book if there is one does a lousy job of resisting finger prints. The art book shows the various stages that Lacia went through in her design evolution as well images of the other girls. The art book was interesting and provided some information about the figure so it appears worthwhile to be included.


Two sets of blister is used to protect the figure and her accessories. The first set is the typical two piece you normally encounter with most figures. Almost no plastic is used to protect the figure from rubbing or paint transfer. Just some lining the pocket where her hair makes contact with the blister and a little around her waist. The tolerances on the pockets seem to be tight enough that the contents shouldn't shift. The blister pieces were also taped together. The second set set of blister interlocked and was nested within the first set of blister. This resulted in a high degree of strength and protection due to the multiple layers of plastic. And of course combined with the other packaging this figure is very well protected.


If for some reason due to mishandling something manages to pierce through all those level of protection, you can see the blister walls are pretty deep that a lot of deformation would have to happen before the figure and accessories were damaged. Basically, damage would have to be on purpose and even then they would have to a hard time doing it.


GSC did a nice job with the packaging in regards to the presentation and the protection. I really liked the color scheme and how they made the packaging look like it belonged in the world that the character came from. The protection is definitely top notch as well, as for cost? That's a tough one. GSC paid 4,700 Yen to ship her to me. They charged me 2,000 Yen but looking at the cost of the figure you have to imagine they built in some of that cost into the figure. So shipping will be expensive either way, you either pay for it indirectly through the figure or you pay a whole lot more if you get her through someone else. Expectations were exceeded.

Sculpting: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆

Sculpting credits go to Ishinaga Sakurako who has been working on figures for a few years. It looks like most of her work has been with GOODSMILECMPANY and OrchidSeed. Below you can see a sample of her work all with GSC. Another interesting thing is all three figures below were illustrated/designed by Redjuice. As you can see from the previous figures she has been pretty faithful to the illustration that the figures were based on so expectations are high.







She is 1/8th in scale and measures about 180 mm tall. With the base she measures about 290 mm tall. Her skirt isn't fixed and can actually be removed which is done by removing her left leg. Even though the instructions showed you that her leg could removed, when I initially held her in my hands it didn't seem to be the case. The tolerances on the fit were pretty tight that it did not look like her leg could be removed. And when I tried at first I thought I was going to break her. Even after removing and installing the leg several times, it's still a snug fit so I don't see it wearing out anytime soon. The plastic around her waist was to protect the skirt from scuffing up her legs however mine actually was scuffed up on her right butt cheek. Luckily some light sand paper was able to take care of it with little fuss.


As you can see in the picture below the leg can only go in one direction so it's pretty straight forward. As mentioned the fit seems just right as it's not too tight and not too loose. The amazing thing is when installed there is no gaps/seam lines. Results may vary but I doubt it looking at the quality control used on this figure.


As mentioned her skirt can be removed. As you can see by the pictures it's rather detailed but also note pretty fragile. Any rough handling especially while installing or removing it will probably cause something to break off. So why would you want to remove the skirt? It is in the way of her outfit and especially if you want an unobstructed view of her rear end.

Let's move on to the main attraction.



Hopefully you can tell by the pictures that there are no sculpting issues to report at all. Quality control on this figure was top notch and as mentioned the sculptor has worked on other figures created/designed by Redjuice.


Let's start with her lovely face which seems pretty close to the illustration. Her sharp features especially her chin and jawline look great. Her mouth was also nicely executed. Her profile looks great from all angles. Her head is attached to her torso via the neck and the seam line is well hidden. Basically the only seam line you'll see on her is in the typical spot on most figures on the top of her head. However, it was skillfully integrated into her rather complex and lovely hairstyle. Her hair is very detailed but also very fragile with so many pieces that could get caught and break off.


As you can see, her hair is detailed and looks great from all sides. As mentioned her hair is very fragile especially at the back and sides. Looking at the art book, you could see the various hairstyles Lacia wore during her development. I'm torn, some of the other hairstyles looked amazing and I wouldn't have minded if they offered alternate hair pieces to use with this figure. However, it doesn't change the fact that her present hair looks great in both detail and presentation.


Take a closer look at her shoulder and armpit area. I really like what they did here. Most of the time, even in swimsuit figures they'll take a shortcut and only create enough flesh to fill the exposed area. Instead they made more of the torso then they needed to and covered it so that it would look more natural. Basically, most if not all of the transition from flesh to outfit was seamless and natural. I don't see this varying between figures, a great job with the details especially the well defined musculature.

http://myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2012/01/01/339454.jpegNow I did say there was no sculpting "issues" but I do have nit pick. Look at her right hand. See how her fingers are not anywhere near the handle? No, it's not them changing the design at the last minute or a manufacturing defect.

You can get her to match the official photos by making sure the base is assembled nice and tight. However, if anything is loose on the base she won't line up as you can see in the picture. Also, those fingers are fragile and the top part of the base is not that stable. Meaning it will move around possibly causing damage to her hands. I think they could have done that better.

Let's take a closer look at her body suit. That suit went through a lot of changes during development as well according to the art book. Originally it looks like they were going to go for one of the science suits from XenoSaga but they wanted to militarize it more. Then it looked like they were taking cues from Evangelion. I say this because they even had the same hair bits the girls wore with their plug suits. If you look at the suit you can see it looks very similar to the plug suit. One change I wish they kept was the skirt. The suit originally had a skirt built in and I thought that was pretty hot but of course not as practical.


Just look at the details found throughout the outfit. It just looks great especially how it shows off her figure and curves.


Looking at the sketches and the various phases of development of Lacia you could see Redjuice really appreciated the female form with the emphasis of her curves and body lines. Just look at her lovely silhouette. The curves and various lines tracing her form, superb.


As mentioned her left leg is removable but you can't even tell it's removable. The fit is just right that it looks fixed. The attention to detail here was really appreciated and noticed. Also, the flaps at the front of her pelvis are fragile and could get caught and break off. Be careful when installing/removing the leg as well as when installing the skirt as it will get caught there.


Just look at how her thigh squeezes out of those thigh high boots of hers. The transition from her thigh to those boots was seamless and very hot. Also, look at how you can see her butt cheeks from the front between her thighs. That's super hot and I love it when you can see that level of detail and physique. The transition from her thighs to her suit was done pretty well and it looked natural. Results may vary but I doubt it based on the quality control seen through the figure.


From what I can tell of Redjuice's taste, he like's his girls to look youthful and he likes them to have firm, curvy rear ends. This figure isn't any different and she's got rock hard butt cheeks that just won't quit. I love how each cheek squeezes out of the outfit making it look more natural. Just look at the curves and how her outfit wrinkles and scrunches up. She's supposed to be a robot? Talk about form over function, not that I'm complaining. And just so you know, I'm not into rear ends but I can appreciate a nice looking one. 8Þ


So why would want to cover up that killer booty? As you can see that skirt of hers covers most of her details requiring a lot of low angle.


However, that's the charm. It's not what you see that makes it even hotter. It also changes the dynamics of the figure with the shadows that cover and obscure her pelvic area. Also, with that skirt on the lower part of her suit looks like panties if you're into that stuff.


And like most humanoid robots she has long slender legs with lovely curves running along it.


Just look at those lovely lines. From her slender waist to those full hips to those lovely thighs. Follow the curves and lines and details. Let's not forget those heels on her.


Ishinaga Sakurako and GSC did a great job with her. The fit and finish was superb due to the high standards in regards to quality control. The attention to detail and accuracy to the illustration was appreciated and noted. Expectations were met and exceeded

Painting: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆




GSC usually does a good job employing all of the tools available to color their figure. This figure isn't any different. Starting with her face and hair you can see the nice job they did with her eyes and mouth. Her eyes were placed precisely and look accurate to the illustration. They employed shading and gradation coloring on her hair giving it depth and dimension. It really looks like her hair is alive and blowing in the wind around her.


Look at the detailing and finish on her outfit. The shading and tinting were precise as well as her lovely flesh. Now the illustration I picked from the art book was probably a bad one as it made her look darker than she was due to the shadows. Her complexion is milky white which they captured perfectly in this figure. The transition from her flesh to her outfit was assisted by the accents that breathed warmth and life into her flesh. Her skirt also is detailed and painted precisely. The metallic parts really looked metallic and the shiny outfit just looked great. The shading in her outfit accentuated the details and her curves perfectly making you just want to to see more of her. I love the job they did on her thighs especially her rear end as she really has a butt that won't quit. Again, she's supposed to be a robot?


The only "issue" I saw was at her heels. The painting wasn't so precise but you basically have to look at the heels under magnification to see it. So I don't see it as an issue.

GSC did a great job coloring this figure and she appears accurate to the illustration. The job they did on her outfit was phenomenal and I can't say it enough. And of course her flesh, they did a fantastic job. The colors, precision and techniques used were appropriate, expectations were met.

Posing: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆

I couldn't get the right angle to shoot her to show that she does match the illustration. You'll just have to take my word that Ishinaga Sakurako did a nice job copying the pose in the illustration. The only "issue" mentioned was her right hand is difficult to get into contact with her communication array.


The key things for me in her pose is the lovely body lines and curves of her body. The emphasis on her curves, the straining of her muscles as they go taut. How that skin tight outfit just accentuates the details of her body. The way the shadows play off of her features. The tussle of her hair and that arch in her back making that tummy of hers taut as her physique shows through that outfit. Those lovely curves in her long legs and that killer rear end. If she's a robot, i can't tell. I mean, where do you even plug her in to recharge? I wonder if she's got a Chobits reset button... She's basically a more human-like KOS-MOS.


Ishinaga Sakurako did a splendid job replicating the pose and Redjuice did a fantastic job creating her and the pose. The pose emphasizes her lovely lines and features. It puts her out on display for the world to see. The figure matches up pretty closely to the illustration and the official photos. Expectations were met.

Base: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆

I'm on of the mind that a good base can make a good figure even better. Well the base for this figure could easily be a figure on it's own with the details they put into it. Just look at the details found throughout.


The only "issue" I had with her base was the assembly process. The outer panels had to be attached to some rather fragile wings. No glue was needed and once you got the hang of attaching them it was straight forward. But knowing where to hold the pieces while you joined them together was somewhat difficult. I can see some people breaking the base especially if they try to follow the instructions in the order shown. It's better to install the outer panels while the communication array isn't attached to the rest of the base. As you're able to get better angles and clearance to attach the panels. I was actually able to do it following the instructions but it's probably better if you do it out of order.

The attention to detail and the accuracy to the illustration and references were noted and appreciated. That really looks like the Black Monilith in level 3 mode. Now that thing is actually equipped with a rail gun but I'm not sure if that has any offensive capability but more to assist with the function of the device. Note the base. The white marks on the it appears to be some sort of coating to give it a rough feel making it feel like rocks. It's pretty stable and doesn't take up that much room. However, the array isn't very stable due to the extended portion only being supported by two arms as you can see. It does wobble when you move the figure and base around.


The overall presentation of the base was well executed. The figure was definitely supported and in fact the figure wouldn't have been the same without it. The base is in fact part of the figure unlike most figure bases where it's function over form. The single mounting point for her right foot is actually sufficient as she's pretty stable. They did a great job replicating the array and it really makes me feel I'm getting two figures for the price of one. Expectations were met and exceeded.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆

So we've taken a closer look at her. There were no flaws or real issues to report. The quality control on this figure was top notch. The details are there and you can tell a lot of care was put into this figure. The sculptor has previous experience with bringing to life the other illustrations of Redjuice with similar results. I don't regret getting her and thing she was worth worth the 11,000 Yen I paid for her. I'm definitely glad I ordered her directly from GSC because I can only see her price going up as time goes on. Seeing her in front of me I can only think that I can't wait for the other Beatless girls to be made as I'll happily order them as well.


See you later.
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The wings with the blue stripe open up. I read it from Mika-tan that one part opens up, I thought it was the front part, but that's fine too.
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