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Today, we'll be reviewing Hobby Japan's figure of Naoe Kanetsugu, released back in September of 2012. She is a swimsuit figure, and thus many of the shots in this review could be considered somewhat NSFW, so proceed accordingly...

About the character: Naoe Kanetsugu is a character from the Hyakka Ryouran (known in the US as Samurai Girls) anime. She refers to herself as the "warrior of love", and she first appears at the Yagyu dojo at the behest of Yoshihiko Tokugawa to spy on his sister Sen and Yukimura Sanada. She's not too discreet for a spy, as she makes her entrance at the dojo by breaking down the gate using her preferred weapon, a giant hammer. Despite her moniker, she seems pretty uptight about matters of love as she gets quite upset at the idea of men and women kissing (and of course the way Muneakira is able to confer power sets her off even more).

Now on to the review.


The front of the box has a nice big window.


The back of the box has a monochrome purple shot of Naoe. Given the artsy style of the animation in the Hyakka Ryouran anime, this seems appropriate enough.


The sides feature small windows and each side has a different shot of the figure.



The box measures about 8 inches by 6 inches by 8 inches (about 20.5 by 15 by 20.5 cm). Naoe is surprisingly heavy for a 1/8 scale figure, the blister inside the box comes in three pieces, and her base is large, so don't be surprised if shipping on this figure ends up costing a little bit more than the typical 1/8 scale figure.

The bottle/beach toy/whatever it is she is carrying comes separate, and Hobby Japan provides an instruction sheet to help get her set up.


First, her arm is removed.


The bottle will sit next to her torso and then her arm can be reattached. This is somewhat easier said than done though! Her hair tends to get in the way and her arm will need to be reattached at just the right angle, all the while holding on to the bottle. It probably took me about 5 minutes of carefully wrangling with her to get the figure set up.


Set up and ready to go!


Overall, the packaging is fine, but be aware that figure and box are on the heavy side for a 1/8 scale figure.


Her pose is quite simple, but I think it works for this figure. Naoe has a pretty colorful personality, and the way she's gesturing and sticking out her tongue a little bit seem very Naoe-like. The way her eyes are looking to the side also gives the impression that something is going on "off screen", so it's not just a boring, static pose.

Let's take a look at her.










As you can tell from the scores, Naoe's overall finish is excellent. She has many, many interesting features and I had to work very hard to find any significant flaws.

Her face is sculpted faithfully to her appearance in the anime, and I think her eyes are particularly expressive.



One of Naoe's key features is the clip she wears in her hair with the kanji character for "love".


When I was taking these photos, it occurred to me that you could almost do an entire review about her hair. She has a lot of hair, and Hobby Japan really exceeded expectations with its sculpt.

Her bangs skillfully hide any seam that might be in her hair.



I like the little stray pieces of hair around her ponytails. You almost get the impression she was putting her hair up very hurriedly.


Another one of her key features is the bells she wears in her hair. I like how you can see the attachment points where the bells attach to the string with which she ties her hair.


Done less skillfully, that point where her hair, the string and the bells come together could turn into a big clumpy mess, but there are no such issues. In addition, you can see the bells holding down the ends of her hair while gravity is having an effect on the rest of her hair. That effect gives a real sense of mass to those bells.


A close up of the bells.


I really like the way that her hair frames her face. Again, I like how her hair looks just a tiny bit disheveled.


So, like I said, you could almost write an entire article just about her hair! But, now let's move on and look at her outfit, a very distinctive turquoise and black swimsuit.

All those straps make for a very sexy design. She does have a color variant ITEM #141609 with a solid pink swimsuit, but I find this version much more attractive. IMO, the contrast between her fair skin and the darker colors of her swimsuit is a big part of the appeal of this design. And, the little roses on her top give the swimsuit a very unique look. This is not just the same old-same old bikini.


I like her body type. She's not flat-chested, but neither is she so top-heavy that she'll be developing back problems. She simply has a nice svelte physique, and she seems aware of this. In fact, it's not unheard of for her to give Yukimura grief over her flat chest...


This shot is brought to you by the word "perky".


There is a tiny little nick in her collar. When that is the first flaw that you notice when going over the figure inch-by-inch, you know you've got a really well-made figure!


She has some definition on her abs, but her stomach still retains a soft appearance. Very nice.


Her bikini bottom is really tiny. Some of my friends were over the other night, and I had this figure set up in my lightbox on the kitchen table. One of my friends commented "so, that's a really tiny bikini she's got there", so suffice it to say her outfit will draw the eye.



Another distinctive feature of her outfit is that her bikini bottom has a cut-out in the back, so fans of butt-cleavage will rejoice. In addition, I really like the definition on the backs of her thighs. Although she's a little ditzy, Naoe is not an unskilled fighter, and so you'd expect that her thighs shouldn't be toothpicks. Without some lower-body strength, she'd never be able to wield that huge hammer of hers!


A low-angle shot of Naoe from behind.


I like the rippling on that band on her thigh.


Since part of her arm must be removed to install the water bottle/beach toy/whatever it is, you can see where the separation point is, although putting that band on her bicep was a good idea to hide the separation point. That's probably the biggest flaw I could find with the figure, though, and it's not the kind of thing that will stand out anyway.


The painting on her gloves is sharp.


Her fingers are nicely sculpted, and she has pink nails. The very end of her glove on her pinky maybe didn't get completely painted, but it's not too noticeable.


She has nice detail on her upper back.


Another interesting feature of this figure is Naoe's roller skates. One of the wheels looks just a little bit rough, but there would be wear on the wheels anyway...


I like how her socks kind of bunch up around the top of her skates.


Her left armpit looks just a little bit weird.


On the other hand, she has some nice definition in her other armpit.


Overall, Naoe's finish is excellent. Other than a couple of picky little things, I could not really find too much wrong with the figure.


Naoe doesn't really need a base, but one is included. There are some sakura blossoms on there, so it's not just a boring plain disk.


However, that base is ginormous. For comparison, here is the base with a standard DVD case. The base is almost 7 inches (17.75 cm) in diameter!


Naoe looks fine on the base, and its color complements the figure nicely, but it's just huge. Thus, I just stashed it back in the box, and I've chosen to display Naoe without the base. Note however that Naoe has a nontrivial footprint even without the base. All that hair occupies a lot of space, about 6.5 linear inches (16.5 cm) at its widest point. Thus, if you have limited space, getting her displayed could be a little bit of a challenge.



Overall verdict and enjoyment----------9.5/10

It should be clear that this Naoe is simply an outstanding figure, so let's wrap up the review with a look at her scale.

I measure her at just over 5 inches (13 cm) tall the way she's posed, and I'd estimate the total length of her body at about 7.75 inches (20 cm). At 1/8 scale, that would make her 5'2" (160 cm), which seems reasonable.

Naoe's character design has some similarities with Hatsune Miku. Note than even though Naoe is kneeling, she won't look outrageously small next to other 1/8 scale figures.


Tessa Testarossa ITEM #6419 is also 1/8 scale.


It shouldn't be surprising, though, that Naoe will look a little bit small if you display her next to larger-scale figures. Sena ITEM #106566 here is 1/7 for comparison.


So, to summarize, I'd say that if you are a fan of Naoe, you should strongly consider adding this figure to your collection. She's just beautiful and the colors of her swimsuit and her hair really make her stand out on the shelf. I had waffled about getting her for quite a while, but then she kept beckoning me on AmiAmi preowned. In retrospect, I wish I'd gotten her a lot sooner!

Availability (as of this writing)

Fairly easy to find.

She seems to be pretty easy to find preowned, and her price will depend on whether or not her previous owner decided to hold on to the place mat (see PICTURE #375397 ) that was originally included with the figure. With place mat intact, I'd expect to pay around 6000-8000 yen plus shipping. Without the mat, you can probably subtract 1000-1500 yen. I got a B/B one without the mat from AmiAmi for 5500 yen. She also has a color variant ITEM #141609 . The pink version doesn't seem to command a huge premium over this figure, but you might expect to pay just a little bit more (maybe about 1000-1500 yen more) for that one.


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just got her from amiami! ^^ super glad I did.
WindsorSeven6年前#2066018She's perfect. I hope I can get her some day.

She's probably the most perfect figure finish-wise that I own. For some reason, she's been showing up in large numbers lately on AmiAmi preowned, so hopefully you can get her some day.
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
She's perfect. I hope I can get her some day.
ComplexCRUSH6年前#2065770AH she's so gorgeous! ; - ; I really love the definition on her belly and bum. And that swimsuit design is so beautiful! I'm adding her to my wishlist lol Thanks for the review!

I knew she'd be nice from the photos on MFC, and since many of the other Hyakka Ryouran figures from Hobby Japan have been well-reviewed, but she exceeded my expectations. Thanks for reading!
ComplexCRUSH ☩Knight's of the Blood☩
AH she's so gorgeous! ; - ; I really love the definition on her belly and bum. And that swimsuit design is so beautiful! I'm adding her to my wishlist lol Thanks for the review!
beanbeany6年前#2065753I absolutely love this figure. I'm glad to have gotten one. They did a great job with this figure. I only wish she was a 1/7th though.

You know, I thought exactly the same thing! She's not exactly tiny, but with her kneeling pose, 1/7 would have been just perfect.

It's too bad all these Hobby Japan figures from Hyakka Ryouran were exclusives, but at least this one seems to be fairly easy to find at a reasonable price. Too bad the same can't be said for ITEM #6427 ...
I absolutely love this figure. I'm glad to have gotten one. They did a great job with this figure. I only wish she was a 1/7th though.
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