Hey hey, this is my first blog entry on MFC so i don't know if you can write this here.. But i'll give it a go.

Alrigty, so i'm wondering if anyone has the Persona 3 figure of aigis (like on the picture) who would like to sell it. I've been on a hunt for it and it's just getting expensiver and expensiver on amazon.

If anyone is willing to sell it, feel free to comment or pm me, thx c:
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It could also help to check out the comments below the item for people selling who didn't make an add for it :)
Look for people selling entire collections too ^^ (although that's a lot harder)
On the page dedicate to the figure ITEM #72269 on the right side it says "sold by". If you click there you can see the ads that exist for that specific figure. Hope it helps.
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