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Hello everyone!

This review will be about the 1/8 scale Ibuki Fuuko-figure sculpted by Kotobukiya. She comes with a wooden starfish, dog ears, dog tail and two additional faces.

As for a start, I will take a tour around her and tell you the things I noticed while taking my first look at her.



Time to open the box!


Eveything is nicely wrapped and kept apart. Time to get her out of the blisters!


My, what a cute pose! But what...is that base she's standing on?!


Okay, very plain, but doesn't look bad. Let's put her on it.


The logo...it's...horribly placed! If you place Fuuko on it, the logo is sideways. If you put the logo nicely readable, Fuuko looks the other way. Her foot also doesn't point to the logo, so that couldn't be the meaning of placing the logo like that either... Well, a plus about this base is that it isn't very big, making Fuuko taking minimum space in your detolf.

Ok. I shouldn't go on ranting about the base, let's take a look at Fuuko's face!


Aw, how very cute and Fuuko-like! Wait, what's this? You can take the starfish out of her hands?


This looks awkward...let's put it back. Wait..her waist is a little bit loose. While fondling at her, I found out the following: you can take her upper body off, getting the option of taking her skirt of.


This means Fuuko is a (partially) cast-off figure, something I didn't expected AT ALL! Her underwear looks very cute and it doesn't look very disturbing or loli-like at all! The only thing bothering me about it...I don't think it suits her character very well to have a feature like this. For that reason, I don't know if this is a positive or a negative feature.

We're still not there yet! We still have two extra faces and the dog ears and tail in the box! First, let's try the additional faces!


Her hair consist out of 2 pieces, fitting in the back of her head. You can put the extra face on the place of the original face and click the two hairpieces back on. It is done very nicely, almost showing no line between the two pieces. Let's look at the faces now!


A cute and almost perfect >.<-smiley face and a nyaaaaaaaaa-thinking-about-starfish-face. Both the faces are very cute and nice additions. Personally, I wouldn't use them. These two "funny" faces take the attention away of how nicely deatailed she is and make her look of a lesser quality. It is just a matter of personal taste how you think of the faces.

Let's not forget the other extra's! The dog ears and tail!


The first time I saw this figure, I thought it was very strange. I was told by a friend that in the original Clannad-designs all the girls had animal ears and tails. Fuuko was originally a dog-girl. For the fans they included the ears and tail so Fuuko can look like her original design!


Her ears and tail snap on with magnets to her body and hair. Something that works VERY well and really should be used with other figures as well (instead of creating holes in pieces to fit it in). I will say my honest opinion about them here very bluntly: I don't like them. Because I have no connection with the original design and only know Fuuko from the Clannad and Clannad ~After Story~ anime series. Also, I don't think of her as the dog-type of girl, so after these pictures were taken, the were put away in her box again, but I have to say again...very much points to the designers for the good-working magnectic-system that makes her also good-looking without them!

Let's move to another part that I have ignored for a while...her leggings!


I'm really in love with the color on her leggings! It looks very shiny, but not cheap or bootleg-ish. Also, purple is my favorite color, so maybe I'm prejudiced about this point. ;)

Now onto a more negative point...some parts of her aren't very nicely painted.


As you can see, here there are quite a lot spots on the back of her jacket. If you look closely at my earlier pictures in this review, you will see that a lot of small "mistakes" were made.

I will not end this review negative. She also has a lot of details, like you would expect from Kotobukiya and the price she is sold for. For example, the wrinkles on her uniform:


The fact that her sleeves are too wide are just another factor of her cuteness!

Well, let's give the points this site uses to rate the figures!

Sculpting: 8/10
Very nicely done. A lot of details.

Painting: 7/10
Some mistakes were made, but overall not very bad.

Posing: 8/10
A little bit boring, but very Fuuko-like!

Base: 5/10
Very ugly, logo placed at a strange place, but pluspoints for it being very small.

Packaging: 8/10
Nice box showing a lot of pictures of her and with a lot of good placed windows.

Enjoyment: 9/10
Ah, I just loved Fuuko in the series and this figure met almost all of my expectations!

And here are my earlier reviewed points:

- Nicely packed in a cute box.
- Cute expression and pose fitting her character.
- Nice extra's like the additional faces and the dog ears and tail.
- Good system for placing the ears and tail.
- Nice color paint on her leggings.

- Pose without starfish looks a little bit strange.
- (Partially) cast-off feature.
- Her having the ears and tail on.

- The base
- Some parts of the painting.

Leave a comment about what you think about my article below, it will be very helpfull for me to improve my writing!

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SmishedWhen I had her the logo on the base seemed to line up o.o I wonder if it's an accident?

Oh really? Like, her feet pointing at the logo?

Could you maybe show me a picture of it? I'm pretty curious now!
When I had her the logo on the base seemed to line up o.o I wonder if it's an accident?
Stalking Loli hunter
;v; thank you for the review! i know what to expect with her now... she seems worth it, so i'll hunt her down sooner or later xD

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