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:) Happy birthday!:)
yukihiko94 (6個月前) #19518483I don't know yet if I'll preorder Luffy gear 4th, I still wait to see the price X(

Yeah same.. its most likely going to be over $130 in price considering Luffy Kabuki edition was that much (cheapest price, other stores were selling it for 150 or more). G4 does look really good though.
Btw I like ur rosinante hamtaro profile pic :3
yukihiko94 (6個月前) #19518459Here in Italy there are shops that sell him for 250€ + shipping cost, too very much in my opinion. You were very lucky =). If I can give you an advice Killer time skip version too is a very good figure, near Kid they make the best couple evere

Word. I ship them both together as a couple<3 haha
He does look awesome but Idk if I can afford killer too thooo, especially now that I ordered him. Plus Luffy Gear 4rth preorders are coming out soon and Im not sure if I will preorder him or not :s #feelsrealbadman
I found pre-timeskip killer relatively cheap on ebay (probably the lowest price ive ever spent for a POP, t'was like $26 with shipping). Nevertheless, 250 euros is too damn high... does anyone actually pay that much to get him? :o
yukihiko94 (6個月前) #19518439Ciao Vincitore. Tutto bene grazie =). I'm very happy for you, I got mine for 120$ instead of 140 cause I made an offer to the seller. It is such a beatiful figure. Enjoy it ;)

Ooo thats a nice deal! I can't wait till I get the hands on mine LOL
Back in the day when he was being released, I wasnt aware of all the collections so I actually bought the NEO-MAXIMUM from an ebay seller later to find out that he was out (but i was a noob at collecting back in the day). I doubt i'd ever pay over $150 for timeskip Kid ever since his price went up high so quickly :3
Ciao Yuki!
Come stai?
I just won an auction yesterday on Megahouse Kid limited edition version for $102.5 and Im so happy :D
Did you preorder yours back then? If you did how much did you get it for?





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