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I have been an anime fan since a friend of mine introduced me to it in 2005.

I did not start buying figures untill march 2014, the reason for that was both that i did not really had much interest and the very limited amount of funds i had up untill that point.

My first figure was this one item #3236

Unfortunately i live in a place where the VAT is 25% and there is a ton of import fees and other stuff making it very expensive to import figures, due that reason i dropped buying figures again as the cost was way too high.

Little more half a year later another friend of mine told me about which has a shipping option called trans logistics which let me legally get around all of the ridiculous VAT and fees we have in Denmark.

Things sort of took off from there and i got more into figures.

My favorites are many of the characters from the Fate and Type Moon universe such as Atalanta from Fate/Apocrypha and later Fate/Grand Order

Other favorite characters include Artoria Pendragon and Nero Claudius on the female side and Vlad III and Achilles on the male side.

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Happy birthday!
shilka (1個月前) #25949254My birthday is tomorrow not today
Thanks anyway

Then happy early birthday ;P!
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My birthday is tomorrow not today
Thanks anyway
Hello! Happy B-day my friend!
Happy BDay Shilka!




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