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My name is Taylor and I live in Illinois. I started collecting a few years before I joined here, and when I found this site it opened a whole new door to what this hobby can be to me. I hope to make some friends here who share some of my interests! I run a United States based proxy service that you can read more about here [ext link ] (due to an issue with my bank, I can only accept orders from stores that accept PayPal at the moment. Sorry!)


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Thanks for the recommendation! I'll do that! :D
yeah its fine i dont wanna make u wait months @_@
actually you can stop holding him and let other interested buyer get him. sorry if i caused any trouble im just not having the best time rn aha
Is your Ciel figure (Kotobukiya) still on hold? Thanks!
Oh, alright then. Thanks by the way. okami34 (3個月前) #18647581For your Shin Tennis no Oujisama Atobe Keigo 1/8 figure, I'll trade you my Alter Uta No Prince Sama Tokiya 1/8 scale in return for it. :D




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