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Im a person who likes a lot of things related to all sorts of anime.

Im also know not to be a very social person, but im open for any conversation:3

Started my anime love just 6 years ago at age 21,
About to start a nendoroid imperium, and a love for Dollfie's^^

Kosmos, M.o.m.o. and Kobato are my Beautifull daughters :3

Happy to welcome my new daughter Miku to the family :3

Proud owner of Makise Kurisu from Azone ^_^

Considering to sell Figma SP-051 Super Sonico Swimsuit.
Only pickup option PM for more details, item factory sealed and official product.

Any questions are free to be asked and ones again ill try to answer them in the best possible way :)

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Your inbox is full! Again! xD
Hi Michael! : )

As always, your inbox is full xD
I got some new dojinshis.
Are you interested? : D
Will take some photos later.
01年前 (1年前)Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
[ext link ]
MDD louise 85k wel geopend maar niet beschadigd of smerig ^^ ! Ze word alleen maar duurder dus zou haar kopen.

Heb haar zelf ook voor 75k maar met wat stains onder haar voeten (wat ik al verwijderd heb) :) ook van mandarake

Ze is het waard
miccopicco2010 (1年前) #3448713Happy B-day ore-sama

Thank you so much (๑>◡<๑)
Hey ho!
Just thought I should write you, but your inbox is full again xD
I didn't received my new doujins by now : ( *sad*
Are you still interested in the three ones mentioned before?
Do you want to wait till the new ones arrived?





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