katsudonkatsudon Play-Along TsukkomiI don't even want to be the main character in my own life


Happy to be here, and looking forward to discussing figures everyone. I don't really get to discuss them much in real life because my friends don't collect figures and usually have no idea what I'm talking about...


So anyways, glad that I'm now among company that shares my love for anime, tokusatsu, giant robots, 2D fighters, and all sorts of other things that 'normal' people tend to not 'get' or just aren't very fond of.

I would like to say something witty or charming here, but words are unfortunately failing me at the moment so I'll just leave my bio as it is for now- feel free to say hi!

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katsudon (3個月前) #22762625Happy birthday! It's been a while, hope you're doing well!

Thank you~ Sorry for getting out of touch - these last months have been quite busy, and I no longer check in here as often as before >__< How are you doing on your end? Hope everything's great!
03個月前Valestein3Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
I just wanted to drop by and say hi because you have a picture of Futayo Honda from Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere. 2nd best girl in the show.

Have a happy 4th of July.
Have you gotten a shipping notification from rightstuff for saber yet??(・ω・)ノ
katsudon (6個月前) #19956853Thank you sir, I appreciate that. And yeah, I can see that actually- sounds like she's basically going to become a savant. I have a few friends with siblings that have been diagnosed with similar conditions and lead perfectly normal lives while excelling in certain categories. It's definitely not going to be a easy transition, but I have faith that you and the missus will make this work.
It took me a while to distinguish between 'want' and 'need' so I can totally understand that! I've been selling a decent bit of stuff as well, and it feels kind of cathartic to be honest. While it's kind of sad to let some of these go, I'm trying to be more financially responsible and start investing for the future. Not going to give up collecting, but slowing down/cutting back won't kill me. Life is funny sometimes isn't it? There are times where it feels like everything is going your way and times where it feels like everything that could go wrong goes wrong... Them's the brakes I suppose. Don't let these roadblocks get in the way of you acquiring Iowa though! Her smile needs to be protected.
You're forgiven. I know she's not the most compelling character but I'm drawn to her for whatever reason. (I like my women crazy, I suppose) Here's hoping they give her more development in season two. And yeah, Mari isn't a great character by herself but when she's with Kanan everything is wonderful because yuri is the purest form of love and Kanamari is so canon it's not even funny. I haven't gotten aboard that many ships for Sunshine yet, but there's still time! I'm all in on the Yoshiko and Hanamaru ship though, as that is the truth. (the amount of fanart that exists of them together seems to indicate a lot of the fandom agrees with me)
I doubt I'm going to win, but if I DO... I will make this happen, mark my words.
Think I'm going to gamble on Ranko after she releases- I'm hoping that people realize that Alter is out of their damn minds charging that much for a non-exclusive and she drops to a more reasonable price. Or she doubles/triples in price like the SIF set and I die a little inside.
Ramlethal has a really appealing design, but I don't like the way she plays. Depending on how she turns out I might get her? Definitely not a must-own for me but Max Factory generally does good work. I don't think she'll go up after release so if you want her, I think you can safely wait until she's out, no need to pre-order. Isn't she a bit... revealing though? Is that going to pass inspection?

A savant? Dude, that would be awesome! Let’s hope for the best, only time will tell.

Yeah, I think I am getting to that point when I can finally tell apart the wants from the needs. For example, I feel like I’m not that interested in the Saekano nendos like I did at first. Mostly because Katou is my favorite one, but I really don’t like the faceplates her nendo got. I mean, all I needed was just a faceplate and I was in, I swear. And without Katou, it kinda feels pointless to have the other girls. But then, I almost feel physical pain when I ask for a cancellation, especially to AmiAmi since I have made so many in a little over 3 years, so I don’t want they to think: “so what will be his excuse this time?”. Ughh, I hate that feeling! But business is business, right? And you need money to do them and I currently don’t have that much to do any business Xp. Anyway, it took a bit of a sacrifice, but nendo Iowa is on her way!

And you hit home when you say there are times when everything that could go wrong goes wrong… my feelings during 4 out of 5 months of this year so far. But hope cannot be lost! Our time will come… it may take longer than we would like to, but we’ll get there!

Now… I gotta make a confession… I recently saw Cinderella Girls Season 2… and I loved it! I’m sorry, but Sunshine just pales in comparison. I feel that, for a 12 episode season, it covered A LOT. And I just love that approach they do to the actual entertainment business and the different reactions from different girls. The only problem is… there are a shit-ton of idols in that show is just impossible to keep track of them all (or only like one ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)). I especially loved the episodes for Mika and Miria and the Triad Primus arc, but boy, did they break my baby Uzuki bad TT3TT… I mean, that second to last episode…

OHHHH, LE DRAMA! Ganbarimasu, Uzuki! TT*TT

Mmmm, I’m not so sure if you should let that Ranko go. I mean, if you feel like you will try to get her anyway, I think pre-order is the best time to do so. I mean, Alter line for Love Live is not getting cheaper (still waiting for Maki to be re-released) and this Ranko is just so amazing and Idolm@aster is just at the is just at the peak of its popularity, just like Fate… I mean, just look at all those figures! They just keep coming! And well, being Alter’s greatest work in recent years, I just have a hunch this figure won’t get cheaper any time soon. I’ve been wrong in the past. I just saw and she's still available at AmiAmi, which I find strange, considering how awesome this figure looks. It's a tough call, that's for sure!

You really think Ramlethal is that NSFW? Man, now my mind is clouded! I think I just gonna ask Mrs. Secret-O straight to the face if she finds her lewd or anything. I mean, if she says something like “if you want it, just get it and that’s it”, then I’ll know it’s not Ok to get it and further attempts of persuasion should be avoided at all times.
katsudon (5個月前) #20125481Haha, of course! And yes, yes we do... If anything, this delay is a blessing in disguise as we have more time to gather allies for this war. =D
haha yep, a month's time to gather riches and yeah, more allies




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