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011個月前Valestein3Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Saber 2.0 is awesome! My dad kinda likes her too. It seems that a lot of people like austere female characters, from my experience.
07年前SannoukSannouk Kit Cat
Hello kasumicc, welcome and have a great time here on MFC Tsukiboard ^_^
Welcome! Enjoyed your collection of Suzumiya. Makes me wish I picked up the MF editions of the clan. =( Maybe you should sell me yours. ;)

Hope you enjoy the community and look forward to seeing you around!

07年前fama226fama226 Micronize me
Welcome to the board Kasumicc! A very nice collection, with the all but endearing splashes of Hetalia, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi, and CLAMP. You should look into the Hetalia club,Say CLAMP! club and the Nanoha Lyrical Strikers club here on the board! I hope you enjoy yourself here and relish the joys of figure collecting with other members you may come across!


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