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I still consider myself new to this whole collecting thing. My first figurine was the Satsuki Nendoroid, which I preordered in 2014. I've been obsessed with them ever since!
Although, I seem to enjoy collecting detailed scales a little more...

I don't consider myself "shy" but socializing is not my one of my strong points by any means. I'm generally pretty quiet here and I usually keep to myself.
I just like looking at pretty figures.

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Happy birthday.
jrk42293 (5個月前) #18826629Happy birthday! :)

\(^o^)/ Thank yoooou! ~
jrk42293 (6個月前) #17914384Haha. I don't know anyone at all. I went to Comic Con in Winnipeg and saw a few people there who were dressed up. That's the closest I've gotten. XD
Oh yes, the Alter figure is beautiful. Did she cost around $200 for you too? I have a few faves... I think it's Mari or Ruby though. I haven't decided yet. :)

I happened to get lucky and found her pre-owned (B+/B quality) on amiami for about 10400 yen! That's not including shipping though ~ She was pretty much in new condition!

Ruby is just adorable! To be honest I still don't have a #1 favourite either with the new group but my top 3 have to be: Hanamaru, Kanan & Riko ~ (Very subject to change! Hahaha!)
:( Awe ditto. I know very few Love Live! fans here in Edmonton. ;o; Really the only one I can go to to fangirl over a cool card I scout on the game is my boyfriend! Hahahah!

But yah! Nozomi is just great >u< I have her Alter figure too and she's even better in person! Do you have a favourite gal in Aqours too? :3
No problem! :) I see your favorite muse gal is Nozomi! She has got to be one of my favorites too! (At this point it's hard to choose a #1 girl). Hope we can be good friends!





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