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I'm a big fan of Japanese anime and manga. Always looking to expand my collections. Shout-out to other collectors in Michigan - keep at it. Michigan has pretty slim pickings when it comes to collecting this stuff.

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Thanks for the FR :)
02年前theyasminshowtheyasminshow Hardboiled Heavy
iocanti28 (2年前) #3030755Hi there. I was adding some newly purchased manga to my collection when I noticed you were the only other person who owned that one. I figured we had similar tastes, and here we are.
Without looking I'm going to guess Kyou no Asuka Show? If so, good taste ^_^
02年前theyasminshowtheyasminshow Hardboiled Heavy
Thanks for the FR! How ever did you find me? :3
Thanks for the friend request ^^ Your collection looks awesome.
03年前TomTheCatTomTheCat Grumpy Old Man
Hi there! I noticed that you added all the Nana to Kaoru manga volumes. The other day I purchased the German edition of the 10th volume, and when I wanted to add it to my collection, it wasn't there! I assume that if the German edition is already available, the original should be out quite some time already. If it's not asking too much, would you be so kind and add volume 10 to the database? Thanks in advance ;-)




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