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Just a collector from Northeast Ohio.

I don't accept random friend requests. If you want to request me, please send me a message.

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heroizumi (4個月前) #21158936Once items have arrived with Zenmarket you can have them held in there warehouse for up to 45 days. Each item past day 45 will be charged a 50yen fee until they're shipped.
Thanks! I've been ordering from FromJapan and they seem pretty similar, but they only hold items for 30 days since the first one arrives.
heroizumi (4個月前) #21099637Ooo nice!! My friend was already ordering a few things from there so I asked her to toss it onto her order <33333 Ahhhhhh <33333 I'm so pumped!! Hahaha
Haha same! especially because it's so hard to find them now. You order from zenmarket right? Can I ask you for how long do they hold your items?
heroizumi (4個月前) #21064342Omg!!! Thanks for letting me know!!! D: I need this beautiful creature in my life XD
No problem!! Good luck getting him! :D I finally managed to get Otabek and Yurio's ema <33
04個月前 (4個月前)shimp92shimp92
Hi! I commented in your march loot and you mentioned that you were looking for a Georgi ema, I was just trying to get one for Otabek at otamart and found this one [ext link ] !
lol yeah, I kinda worry about those grab boxes...... uhhhh..... I feel like it's just gonna be series I dunno....... or no one wants.... =[ or characters I don't want... lol! I'm too picky. This probably isn't for me. Although what a deal, when you really add up the value of everything in the box! Do you think it's worthwhile? I mean, even if there's only one or two items inside that I would keep.... if I can sell the rest off for like $2 each... it just might be worth it... but it's a lot of time. But you seem to take the time to do this stuff, like how you host all those GO's, so that's good. ^^




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