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Happy Birthday!! \(^o^)/
Fast Shipping and great packaging!
01年前 (1年前)StarlightLoticeStarlightLotice
green_pond (1年前) #5358119Yeah I was thinking that might happen, but I can only stretch my funds so far at the moment. I had no idea it wasn't just me who cannot seem to go to bed at a reasonable hour, but I guess I feel less bad about it now considering others have the same issue.

Yeah, I understand.

I used to stay up all night (well...til 3/4am) as I had no job and stuff, but I still struggle to go to sleep even at 1am!!!
green_pond (1年前) #5357755Maybe I will get him when he comes out, I have some other stuff ordered for next year already and I don't want to buy too much. Plus the Hestia nendoroid is coming out in January already. And yes I should have absolutely been in bed.

You sure? Kinda worried if he'll become limited.


lol I always wonder why American/Canadian girls I talk to stay up til daft o'clock! (the guys seem more sensible! XD)
[quote]No she really doesn't in my opinion. But I understand that she has to be marked NSFW because of the exposed breast and all.

I'm really jealous you are getting the Kirby nendo! He looks awesome with all the accessories.

And yes I probably did get it. I haven't checked it in a few days since I've been busy with exams and papers again, but I'll definitely reply later today :)

lol I guess.

You should pre-order as well! :D

That sucks. :( And aren't you supposed to be in bed at this time? :O

*Toy Story 2 finished on my TV as I type this*




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