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Welcome to my little (but growing) collection. As you can see: Miku is everywhere.

First i had a little spleen: i would just collect Miku! Nothing but Miku.

But then i found Haikyuu and later Yuri!! On Ice, and i was lost.

I have 2 Rules for collection figures and such:

1. Nothing over 150€
2. Only figures you know the origin. Like the anime/book/music/etc.

I have one figure i don't know the origin of. Momohime. She was a birthday gift, so i keep her.

I want to become at least once POTD, so i hope you like my pictures :)

If you have any questions. Ask.

Visit my (and DrSeehunds) second acc: FiguBox if you interested in german unboxings!

Best wishes!

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Your collection is adorable <3


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