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fucking GSC!! fucking Orange road!!!

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สวัสดีครับบบบบบบบบบบ ><
Thank you so much for answering! Can't wait to visit Thailand ♡ Take care!!!!
Hi there,

Will be going over Thailand next month...however, I don't know what stores I could drop by where I can buy nendoroids and I'm also scared I end up with BLs (although I think I pretty much know BLs vs authentic ones)

Could you recommend local stores in Thailand that sells nendoroids and their location? (maybe malls where they're at as well)

Thanks so much in advance!!!

My, big collection and really unique ones!!!
How did you manage to get the Little Ride Riding hood miku garage kit?! D:
garuda_blade (4年前) #1372629ขอบคุณสำหรับ FQ นะครับ อิ ๆ

แวะมาทักทายครับ ^_^




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