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Just some basic facts about me.

I'm a Finnish girl, born in 1992. I'm currently majoring in history at the university and I'm aiming to be history and Swedish teacher in the future. I'm interested in MANY things and my hobbies include video games, drawing, manga and sometimes reading and writing. I also played violin throughout my school and high school years but quit it around the same time I graduated from high school. I enjoy music though and I love to listen classical as well. I also watch lot of movies and sports. I even wrote my candidate's thesis about a sports-related subject.

I started to collect figures more actively in 2011 and I'm not really a "collector" as you might say. I buy figures only if I happen to have money (poor students you know...) and if I find a cute figure I really want. And it has to be from the series I know. That's my policy with buying figures because I need to control it somehow :D I really like Nendoroids and most of the figures I buy are them - mostly because they're cute and pretty affordable for poor students as well. Sometimes I also buy scale figures, but I'm not really interested in Figmas anymore and I don't buy other merchandise almost at all.

Last year (2014) I begun to collect Pullip dolls as well, and you can expect that my doll family grows during the next years. I have a goal of having a Pullip doll family consisting of 10 members, and my other goal is to collect one of each individual models (one Pullip, Taeyang, Dal, Isul and Buyl - at least one of each of them) on the family. Recently, I have 9 dolls (5 Pullips, 1 Taeyang, 2 Dals and 1 Byul) so as you can see, I'm not that far from achieving my goal. Lately, I've been interested in other dolls as well and I also have 3 BJDs, 3 Azones and one Mamachapp. I also like Monster High dolls :D My doll hobby goes hand in hand with my figure hobby, because I like toys anyway and to me dolls are mainly figures you can have more fun with. My ultimate grail in doll collecting is Taeyang Lunatic White Rabbit. I also want more Azone and BJD dolls in the future.

Thank you for visiting my page and maybe reading this text! Feel free to ask anything, I can't promise to answer everything but you can always try - if you happen to have a question anyway. I'm fluent in Finnish, Swedish and English, so feel free to use any of them you like when talking with me :3

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Hei katos sie löysit miut :D
Tein käyttäjän tänne joskus kesällä kun juteltiin tästä sivusta mutta sitten se käyttö vähän unohtu. Nyt pitäis kyl päivitellä taas kokoelmaa kun kävin Japanissa vähän ostoksilla :3
Kiitos kaveripyynnöstä! Jotenkin kyllä ajattelin, että tämä olisi tehty jo aikapäiviä sitten.
02年前DeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
demminen (4年前) #1067990Kiitos kovasti! Ihan mukavaltahan tuo jo näyttää vaikka olen keräillyt figuja vasta vuoden verran säännöllisen epäsäännöllisesti :D

Mainitsemasi Komadori-Cielin ostin käytettynä animefoorumi Anikin myyntipalstalta. Oli kyllä loistolöytö!

Jep, sulla on kyllä tosi hieno kokoelma! ^-^ Itse olen kerännyt figuja n.5 vuotta, kasassa 61... Sama täällä, säännöllisen epäsäännöllisesti!

Wau, sulla kävi tuuri, on nimittäin tosi arvokas figu kyseessä. Anikista löytää sitä sun tätä! ^-^ Itse tykkään ostaa halpoja, mutta silti laadukkaita figuja. Aina tulee vastaan juuri näissä paikoissa, Huuto.netissä ja näissä, mutta aina joku ehtii ensin...




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