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all pixel art from Pixel-dreams

i like a lot of things! mostly toys and baking. i have a toy blog shared with a couple of friends: (not very active bc im a Bad Blogger)

things i collect: tokidoki, figures, monster high dolls, ever after high dolls, furbies... general toy stuff!

anime: pmmm, dokidoki! precure, naruto/naruto shippuden, ttgl, eva, gdgd fairies, ano hana, sailor moon, panty & stocking, tokyo mew mew, revolutionary princess utena, heartcatch precure, yugioh, rozen maiden, yuki yuna, haikyuu, love live... tbc...

western cartoons/animation: steven universe, gravity falls, bee & puppycat, monster high

masterlist of characters i have crushes on lol

***if i don't respond to a message or follow up on a sales message, i'm really apologetic, but i'm a huge space cadet and i do lose track of things really frequently. i mean nothing, and if it's urgent that you hear back from me, feel free to send another message!***

fictional spouses, part 2

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Happy Birthday! Have a great day!
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