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Hi! i'm just someone who loves anime/manga.
i've watched/am watching anime like hakuouki, naruto, pandora hearts, kuroshitsuji, inazuma eleven, uraboku, amatsuki, katanagatari, d gray man, vampire knight, macross frontier, zombie-loan, ouran high school host club, daa daa daa(kind of childish :/) and maybe some more be i can't remember.
for manga, i've read/am reading naruto, bleach, bakuman, dogs, katekyo hitman reborn, kuroshitsuji, amatsuki, nononono, nurarihyon no mago, karneval, dekkou sekka boys, veritas, kuroko no basket, code: breaker, death note, kimi no todoke(sp?), d gray man and some korean manga.

feel free to send a friend request or PM me if you want to chat^^

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Hey your inbox is full ^_^

I have some info re the artbooks so let me know when you empty it and I'll PM you. Thanks ^_^
(your inbox is full, sorry...)

hello there!! i was messaging you because i just came across your sales post, and i saw you were selling some of the fate/zero straps. i was wondering if you still own them?? because if you do, i'd be really interested in buying both saber and kariya ♥ thanks for your time, kind regards!
Hello, your inbox is full....your Len full figure is still listed for sale, still avaible?
Hello !?!?
is everything ok with you?
Have you sent already the Karneval stuff? :/

again I (Inbox is Full) XD
I realized that I got my city in the message misspelled o.O
so better go look at the address of paypal XD
haha sorry ^^'

Thanks :)




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