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I began watching anime starting 2015, although I had already watched some series it was till then that I fully began watching more series.

Beginning 2016 figures caught my attention but due to prices I decided to only buy bootlegs at first. My first bootleg is item #197621.

Later on I saw item #414719 and decided to preorder her, with this I began buying originals.
My first original is item #228656.

Due to my collection I have to say I love the Fate series, is what I most collect and hunt almost every day searching for those that I still haven't got.

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016天前 (16天前)Fate_of_a_SaberFate_of_a_Saber
babygerber (16天前) #24182918Don't really know if to feel so happy about all the new announcements or too be all scared, way too many new figures that I'm looking forward to, they really outdid it this time, better than winter wonfes.
Actually the best news in general where that they are finally going to release male characters from fate into decent scales, but I guess I'm not getting a single one since I have to prioritize the female characters.
Lol Yea I know what you mean but we have to try support this, I'm getting item #604483 and what do you think about the Lancer Artoria by GSC how much do you think she will cost?
Hey buddy so what did you think about the wonfes?
Fate_of_a_Saber (28天前) #23676760Happy B-day buddy!

Thank you!
Happy B-day buddy!
babygerber (1個月前) #22840589Already accepted, just a tip, add more servants to your support party, the strongest ones if possible, so that way more people add you and more people accept your friend requestAh okay thanks for the tip! and take a look at your manager just sent you a PM. (;




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