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Thanks for joining the Trigger Club!! :)
hi! hope its ok i sent a friend req. i also like to collect fkmt merch, the rarer and stranger, the better! ^^
arec (1年前) #9949260Yo!
I understand the issue, but I'm not sure what I could show you.
[ext link ]
That is my ebay.
I could show you my paypal history but I'm not sure if that would mean anything?
Either way, i'd really like to buy the strap. I have used Paypal many times and promise I won't request the money back as long as i'm not scammed.

eBay's fine! Pmed you with my paypal address.

Deal is still on, can't message back on my mobile phone.

But I noticed that your profile is only 2 months old? Do you have any other accounts online to prove that you're a not a dodgy buyer? I know it sounds weird but I've had people with new profiles try to claim back money via paypal even when they've gotten their items.
Welcome to the board arec! :)

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