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Hi hi! Happy birthdaaay!!
animegrl357 (1年前) #5307251Awesome! Yea you can have him too! Mmm I don't have a twitter...I have an email though if you wanna use that?[ ]

Oh was more preferring to an IM for easier chatting since I'm bad with comments and forum HAHA but it's okay!!! I sent a google hang out invite but i actually have no ideas how that works either so . . . .looks away...

And my friend asked if she can grab Chuuya, so I can take Akutagawa, Tanizaki and Chuuya off you if it's okay?

I see you have Fate nendos-- do you play Fate/Grand Order -- /HIT
Yes please! I can take Tanizaki as well if you dont mind :'D! Haha DAZAI IS SO POPULAR BUT I CAN UNDERSTAND HES GR8. I love Dazai. Feel free to pm me whenever you sort out the total! May I ask if you have Twitter for faster communicate?
01年前 (1年前)kaikaizackaikaizac
May I ask if you ended up ordering the Bungo Stray Dogs Rubber Strap box or not? If the Akutagawa is still untaken, I'd love to buy him off you! (tho i want Dazai the most ahaha)
animegrl357 (2年前) #3032623View spoilerHide spoilerYea!!! I was starting to really like Nobume and then BAM. Sorachi, why do you do this to us. T__T Hahha, my brother and I were thinking it was Shouyou sensei as well cause of the hair! That'd be pretty f-ed up though....Gintoki being tormented all his life when Shouyou is actually the mastermind behind everything... it'd be the hugest plot twist. o__o I love looking at the gintama spoilers tag on tumblr to see everyone's reactions. xD

View spoilerHide spoilerI enjoy Nobume. xD I know right? ;w; we don't sign for this..but I knew gintama is S for our souls is M for this. xD haha Yeah..if he is really Shoyou I don't want to see Gintoki felt so betrayed by his teacher and father figure.. ;w;
do you know he is afraid of ghosts right? Gintoki felt a haunt by Shouyou ghost or something you know what i mean?
Yes, I love spoilers. >:D hohoho xDD




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