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Collecting figures since a couple of years, mostly TM&Fate-series figures related
Cosplayer during free time (you can check my cosplay photos here, if you wish [ext link ] )

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05個月前 (5個月前)Fate_of_a_SaberFate_of_a_Saber
V_Redgrave (5個月前) #18498351Thanks for the kind offer, but I want to try to custom it by myselfOkay that's cool just let me know if you need help buddy. :>

I hope you will post pics of it when you are done!
V_Redgrave (5個月前) #18486750Luckly the shop where I bought her refunded me, since she was shipped along Artoria Master and Nero Bride RAH (and another figure of a friend of mine) the shipping was insured.
Okita's base is plain black... kinda sad for such a beautiful figure so I'm thinking about to add in some way some sakura petals
Good I am happy you got a refund! and about that base I have a friend that may be able to do that for ya, I will PM link to you if want to see!
V_Redgrave (5個月前) #18461668I got that Okita just a few days ago (after a long, long time of waiting, since well, the first one that I ordered got stolen during shipping X_X ), she's really nice but I need to custom her base because is really... dull.
Aside nendos, it would be nice to se more prize figures since they are cheaper
O_o WHAT THE ??? stolen that is just unfair.. so you had to buy two! someone stole mine lol

And what do you mean custom her base???
V_Redgrave (5個月前) #18459253I liked them too, glad Scathach is going on preorder tomorrow.
I kinda hoped to see other nendoroids from GO, especially from super loved male servant as Waver, Merlin, Kintoki or Cu.
I hope GSC will someday do also a Da Vinci nendoroid (CharaForme is nice, but the more, the merrier), a scale would be also nice.
Speaking again of nendoroid, I dream of a nendo combo of Okita & Nobunaga, they would be hilarious with some GudaGuda faceplates!
Okita & Nobunaga nendoroids! OMG! good one that would be great! and yes we need more FGO nendoroids and also I am not a Cu fan but he does need a PVC and nendoroid it has been too long... I feel so bad for Cu fans.

I also need to get this someday item #331471
05個月前 (5個月前)Fate_of_a_SaberFate_of_a_Saber
V_Redgrave (5個月前) #18410677I think that Aniplex's JAlter has a nice pose to display her along with Alter Saber Alter dress since they are like "mirroring"/facing opposite, but I trust that Alter will come up with a nice dinamic pose to make out the most of her coat and that hopefully it will be also nice to display along her fellow Alter. Usually I don't like figures with big alternative display parts because I feel like paying for something that will never see the light of the sun (like Saber Alter dress second torso *sigh*), but a coat/cape it's ok (and LOL, with Alter prices probably I'll still end up paying her as much as Aniplex's)Yea lol ALTER's price will hurt ya for sure, so did you see a Nendoroid you liked? for me it was item #549487 item #549412 and this item #464593 in that order, and I also wish GSC would do a Artoria Lancer soon too.




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