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The-Hurricane (17天前) #21893214Aww thank you so much! I really enjoy collecting them, there's somehting so satisfying about being able to own something so rare and gorgeously produced. Garage kits are often way better and higher in production quality than mass produced PVCs.
Also, yay another queer collector! :D Curious, I hope this doesn't come across as too invasive, but I was wondering if your queer identity affects what you collect? I find my own collection reflecting my orientation in some surprising (and not-so-surprising) ways! :)

it's not invasive at all! my identity definitely does factor into my collection, for me. currently my collection's a pretty even split between boys and girls, and i don't have any nsfw figures (yet...), but i'm always quick to long for androgynous characters because they speak so much to my preferences (and goals, let's be real), like item #180758, item #124248, item #41773, and item #396963. generally any character or figures of a character that play with gender and gender roles is pretty instantly something i'm interested in.

also, i was gearing up to start sanding and prepping a kit today when i realised it had clear resin-- have you ever painted clear resin with brushes? i'm worried it'll look streaky, but i've heard it should be fine as long as i do several thin coats. i just don't understand why these parts even needed to be clear xx
your gk collection is amazing! i think i've seen your sayo kit on ebay when i'm trawling for touken ranbu stuff or gks.

also more power to you as a queer collector! i think there are quite a few of us around tbh, at least stateside.
The-Hurricane (3個月前) #19047446View spoilerHide spoilerThey know where their bread is buttered. Seeing other companies jump on making erotic male figures (even if the other options are basically all trap-ish compared even to Aoba who isn't exactly a bear of a guy) means they'll most likely make more. (Personally I'd like to see Native tackle an original male illustration!)
Japan is pretty patriarchal, LGBT rights and women's rights are about where they were in the late 80's for the US/UK. Figure collecting (and even things like BJD collecting, especially Volks DD line) is seen as mostly a straight male hobby, despite the fact that the evidence is everywhere that women (and LGBT people of all stripes) are massive consumers of the stuff in Japan (and abroad of course). Even if Aoba had sold moderately well instead of the massive record-breaking popularity he had, I doubt we'd be seeing companies that interested. Luckily people were thirsty for erotic male figures and Aoba appealed to a wide variety of people who were just like "I may not know the character/like the series/like the overall design, but I want the plastic dick anyway!" in addition to his hardcore fanbase. :P
I'd like to see that happen too! There's like tons of lovely illustrations out there I'd kill to be made into a figure and there are so many talented illustrators too. Lmao guess the novelty of the first proper plastic dick is nothing to be sneezed at X'D Honestly though all I want before I leave this world is to have a shelf filled with 18+ male figures. You have no idea how much I envy others with such glorious 18+ female figure collection :'D
I'd die to have a figure based on Mentaiko or Zaria Ranmaru boys!
AdrienAgreste (3個月前) #18802639does threezero charge immediately or is it like gsc and holds the order on your account?
i want that genos damn lol

They charge immediately, you have to pay via Paypal during checkout. You could technically use Paypal's layaway service though I think!

(Also, just PM me next time haha, I'll answer your stuff via PM! :D)
does threezero charge immediately or is it like gsc and holds the order on your account?
i want that genos damn lol




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