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Since I'm underage and student so I can't have all the figures that I have in my wish list yet ( because of money ). Also, I have just started in this hobby so I don't own a lot of figures ( Just one Nendoroid T-T ). I don't want a huge collection, just the a little one with figures that I'm sure they will make me happy and look good in my room. :)

The reason of why I want to collect anime figures is because for me they are art, just like the roman or greek statues but in mini and of things I like. Also, it is because for me, they are memories of what I felt when I watched the anime or because unconciously I relate them of people or experiences.

I'm not a hardcore otaku but I like to watch anime and manga. I also really like reading because it's like having a TV in your head but with the only limitation of imagination and I really like that. I also like to draw, sing and dance even though I'm not the best at it.

Since I have just finished highschool now I will study performing arts ( Yes, I want to be an actress ).

I am a person who really apriciates art and science, because art it is want makes us people, makes us think and what creates a culture and sciene because it makes us know more about the place we live on and it makes evolve the society with the new discoveries ( in scientific aspects ).

I don't think there is more to tell, so here finishes my bio. :D

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