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My first figure was an Eternal Sailor Moon trading figure in 2004, which is still one of my favorites because I love Eternal Sailor Moon! I got really into figure collecting mid-2012 when I got the Akemi Homura 1/8 scale figure from Good Smile Company. I love figures of magical girls and bunny girls. I am particularly fond of Fate Testarossa and her figures.

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wonderful collection! i absolutely adore magical girls (ie; cardcaptor sakura & madoka magica) and im just now getting into sailor moon lol. you have amazing tastes, and everything is so intricate and cute!

have a great day, i usually just pop in on profiles to send a nice msg on accounts that particularly stand out to me. uvu

rn im a student, so it's hard to get scale figures and more expensive dolls, but you've definitely inspired me to slowly build up a collection! cheers<33
Hello!! Thank you for accept my fr request! I really love your collection (ˆ⌣ˆ)!!♥
SailorSarah (10個月前) #16426308Happy Birthday!!
So excited that the Reflection movie is really happening!

I know. Thanks for the birthday wishes. This has actually been one of the best birthdays ever. Mostly because the day we arrived to Japan the Vivid Blu-rays where being released so I was able to get the special edition in person at animate. Then over the weekend I got to watch Vivid Strike air live on TV. And then on the morning of my birthday they released info of the Reflections movie.

It's actually been a very exciting trip and I hope to tell you more about it later.
SailorSarah (1年前) #7919270Thanks! I am doing well. I occasionally pick up random Fate and Sailor Moon items on Mandarake, but I mostly have been keeping my spending down. I definitely want that new Fate figure from Force, but I am going to wait for it to release and hope it gets a little bit cheaper. I am excited for more Sailor Moon Crystal. It looks like it might be better than the first season. I am concerned about whether or not they are going to be making more Nanoha movies only because of that stuff that happened with Yukari Tamura and her contract with King Records. I hope she is going to continue voice acting. How have you been doing? Any thing exciting going on with you?

The Yukari Tamura "retirement" still feels really weird because the Nanoha movie was already scheduled for production so it will be interesting to see what happens, considering it took so long for the Kizumonogatari movies to get released means that there still might be hope yet even if it takes a while.

I preordered the Force Fate as soon as it came out, and the Blaze form Fate was finally released a couple of months back which was exciting. I also found the wedding dress Fate dakimakura a little while back too. It's really cute but more lewd than I had expected but I'm really happy I was able to find it.

I'm actually planning on going to Japan in November for my birthday, there's also a large magic tournament as well that a couple of my friends decided they wanted to go to during the trip as well so it should be a really fun time. We'll be there for about a week so plenty of time to do a lot of the things I'd like to go do and see. Also will get to see a friend whose been living in Japan for a few years so I'm really looking forward to it.

Glad to hear you are doing well, and I understand the want to spend less money, I've been putting large chunks of money towards saving for my trip and just cutting down on stuff that seem less important to me and I could go without so I can do something very important to me. I feel like after the fact I'll keep the same mindset because I want to develop a more stable financial state as I'm getting to the age where I should be more responsible and all that jive.
Happy Birthday I hope you are doing well!




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