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I'm RockGodItachi and I'm a huge Anime and Anime figure fan! I have been watching Anime now for over 6 years and I can't see myself stopping anytime soon as there's so many shows/movies I want to watch and genres I want to explore!
Here's my Anime Planet profile showing how many I've watched and what I'm currently watching: - anime | manga | reviews

I have a You Tube channel dedicated to my collection where I do unboxing video's and reviews.

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My Waifu's 乂❤‿❤乂

Satellizer El Bridget

Boa Hancock
Super Sonico
Kei Kishimoto

My Clubs:
Satellizer Love! club #1108

Seishoujo FTW club #1328

If you want to chat about Anime or figures feel free to send me a friend request as I'm always looking to make new friends!
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RockGodItachi (4天前) #18265915Happy birthday dude! When we gonna see a new vid? It's been a while! Hope you have a great day! :D

thank man! hopefully i can do one one soonish, I've been wanting to do a review of Alter's Alter saber, so here's hoping i can get around to it. haha. appreciate the birthday wishes!
i realised i still hadn't answered your question on my nendo database blog post-- posting them here is fine, you can just send me a direct link to the album! you can email me, too, if that's easier, i'll just pm you my address.
I watch your Youtube videos quiet a bit so figured, why not send you a FR on here too? XD
026天前 (26天前)MonkeyDNekoMonkeyDNeko
RockGodItachi (26天前) #17767871
Happy Birthday! :D

Thanks Bud It's tommorow but well happy thanks for the message its well apriciated and omg awesome gif #WAIFULAIFU
RockGodItachi (28天前) #17705684
Hi! Thanks for the FR! cool Miku collection! :D

I love your YouTube channel so much! Your channels is one of the ones that inspired me to start recollecting!! Lol and thank you Miku is my #1 WAIFU!! Lol but your collection is absolutely stunning!!! I love it :D




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