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I'm from Portugal, and i love collectibles =3 well i start to collect action figures a long ago but i had stop it like 5-6 years ago and now i'm addicted again xD more than ever :P

I don't just collect anime and comic action figures, i collect too MTG cards and other silly stuff >_>

I'm big fan of SAO,DAL and KLK, so it's my goal to collect all i can from that anime, mostly nendoroids and figmas!

Well i love Kancolle, and i dream having all nendos and figmas of it, but i can't until i find new job :/
I try only order a few figures about animes or characters i really love.
So I will try only focus in SAO,DAL and KLK (it's really complicated :/)maybe one day i can collect some Kancolle girls (oh fock i'm so addicted rigth now O_O about them) :P

Waifus: Nozomi Toujou, Rory Mercury, Asuka, Satsuki, Kongo :3

I'm kind a geek person!

I love arts, so i want to be fashion designer, and i'm learning sewing and try one day start a business selling cosplay costumes made by me, LARP/Medieval costumes and the most important part alternative fashion clothes (pin-up/gothic/steampunk)!

Now i've a project calling Larp Lusitania. We're trying to having LARP in Portugal hell yeah \m/.

Yeah i'm addicted for playing WoW and LoL game :P

I'm learning playing Violin and Belly Dance!

Sorry for my bad english sometimes :P

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Happy Birthday ^^!
Thanks for the FR!
Tanjoubi omedetou!




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