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My username, PlushManiac, is a parody of the trainer classes found in the Pokémon video games (such as Poké Maniac, Hex Maniac, Bug Maniac, Ruin Maniac, etc.) while also referring to my favorite type of Pokémon merchandise.

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<3 Thank you for all the lovely contributions to the pokemon listings :D
Thanks for adding the Suzunari Pokémon plushies, they gave me a good chuckle.
PlushManiac (5個月前) #18802806Thank you so much for your help with the Pokemon Kids figures! :)

My pleasure! Feel free to tell me if you notice I missed anything ovo
And thanks to you too for fixing/adding so many missing ones!
i've probably already said this but you are my hero. plush collectors 2k4ever
19個月前 (9個月前)chookypoohchookypooh
PlushManiac (9個月前) #15967266Sorry, that was my misunderstanding. Yes, I intended that classification to only refer to the 2003 movie because I thought the classification you created was specifically for the 2007 one. I didn't realize yours was for all the movie sets. Yes, adding 2003 is a great idea to help make that distinction! I'll do that now.
On the other hand, would it be better if I remove them from the 2003 one and have them only linked to the main classification you created? Whichever you prefer! :)
Sorry again for the trouble and thank you so much for pointing that out!

Aaaah I see!! That explains everything haha~
Hmmm since we can't use the "bundled with" option because figures from the 2003 set have other releases, I guess keeping your classification as "Pokemon Kids Movies 2003" series to link them all would be convinient! (And then my classification as Product Line to link them with all the Movies figures).
What do you think? ovo

And it's okay no problem at all! I didn't realize only 2007 movies figures were linked to my entry for now haha ;;




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