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Hello world
Well that's about all…

JK~ just not good at filling out boxes like these but here i go:
I don't really know how long i've been collecting, a random figure here
another there - usually tied to whatever i'm watching at the moment (many of which i have owned since before i learned of the great and magical world of anime) but lately it became the other way around?

So about me, my name is Euraiya but most people know me as Rei
I like to draw and occasionally write
Photography is my real 'job' (once i start getting new figures i now know where to post them)

GameCenter: :*:rei rei:*:
3DS FC: 4124-6355-0556

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View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
Happy Birthday

Enjoy this day
PhyeiRyu (3年前) #2219030Yay another new person ~
Thanks ^^
I added you for Friend Safari :)
My Code 1134-9338-1430 :)
Hello1 Please take a look (mfc link) >‿‿◕

Nice, you own a 3DS. I will try to remember to add your FC later :3




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