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Hi, I'm Panny. Post-Industrial Revolutionary Girl. Aspiring Lesbian Superhero. Obsessive Loser Nerd.

I got into the collecting game late and rather tentatively and I'm still not doing anything that could be mistaken for going hard. Mostly I'm looking to build on my modest collection of merch related to characters that I love. I have a weakness for anything plush and cuddly and Revolutionary Girl Utena is my all time favourite anime. I have a small shrine dedicated to Kotetsu/Barnaby because my friends encourage me way too much.

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Hey, have a happy b-day!! Mine is exactly week after yours haha strange coincidence!!
Happy birthday!
Man look at your collection grow hehe you mainly have an army of little figures.
02年前KotokoKotoko (ง•̀ᴗ•́)ง
Thanks for accepting my FR!
Panny (2年前) #2391771We're both getting some nice hauls this fall (Y)

Yes my next order is gonna be great. Just all figures lol though having Aoba is great 8DD




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