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Hi guys! Welcome to my MFC Page! I go by Mango7Roll on YouTube and do a bunch of unboxings, reviews and such there =)

If you ever want to chat about figures or anything else let me know, I love to chat!

Here's my channel! [ext link ]

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Lireli (3個月前) #23267912Thanks for the friend request Ose! You're awesome!!!
I also notice you do the Instagram thing a lot, it's super new to me! I am mostly a PC user and having a lot of trouble with it. Most of the stuff I want to put up is on my PC and transferring back and forth to the phone is really confusing...
I googled a way to do it through PC and found an App, Gramblr. Unfortunately after using it, it doesn't seem too legit. There was a button I pressed that basically instantly had 75 people like my post. Ever since I saw that, I got out of there and went back to my old ways.
Any ideas on a good way to do this through PC?!
Haha, yeah. Instagram is about the only form of social media that I know how to use properly, apart from Facebook. It's much easier to post a picture and I haven't ever been able to figure out just what to post on Twitter.

Unfortunately Gramblr is the best way to post photos if you want to do so directly from your computer. You just need to be careful not to click any of those "free like" options.

I can't phathom why people choose to get fake likes, but I recently found out that they even have vending machines where you can buy instagram likes in Russia, and that the company who made those wants to spread them globally. What's the point if they aren't people who actually like you and what you do?

Personally, I prefer sending photos to myself via email and downloading them on my phone. It is tedious, but this way, you can have multiple pictures in one post or use the Layout app to combine your photos together.

If you haven't done so already, be sure to download the "Layout" app on your phone if you want to combine your pictures together. You can then use it directly in instagram. ^^
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Your Inbox is full and I can't contact you further =D..
09個月前Abby9960Abby9960 Aquamancer Mage
Happy Birthday ^^!
Lireli (10個月前) #16380795hi acr =) happy birthday! hope everything is going great

Thanks :) Everything going well here, hope you are doing well too!!




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