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(。・ω・。)ノ♡ Hello!!

I'll put some stuff here some day.

*Please do not send me friend requests unless
; ; Thank you ♥!

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I love your collection :)
You really impressed me with your blog (mfc link) . (really like your Kirby collection) It doesn't feel right to read it without giving a compliment for the nice writing style and pictures.
LOOOL I know the feel to well. I don't have a huge collection (yet) but I'm already feeling conscious about my spending. xD But hey, it's a hobby. If it makes you happy and your budget is doing great, go for it! :3

KyokiPon (22天前) #19429323They are~ T T
And oh thanks again, I'm actually trying
to cut down on preorders.. but is hard xD
I take advantage that I have a good job but honestly I need to save up lol
mfc can be quite strict huh. xD I just saw it on my e-mail and I was like woa I didn't know that wasn't allowed. And no worries ♥ I see your collection is growing really quick :D They will all look beautiful for sure once they arrive at your home!
KyokiPon (22天前) #19429229Oh~ I didn't know either!! No wonder why I've gotten a couple of posts removed lol never given
an explanation though.xD
and thank you ♥!
Hi! I read your comment via e-mail replying to my article about SAL unregistrred. The admin removed the blog due to my mentioning of shops on ask MFC, which I didn't know was not allowed. Just wanted to drop by and say thank you for your help!! :) P.S. you have a beautiful collection!! :3




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