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I'm currently still adding stuff to my collection, I have more than what's listed. 8D
FMA: Brotherhood, One Piece, Yuri on ICE!!!, Fairy Tail, Natsume Yuujinchou, Magi, Skip Beat!,, Haikyuu!!, KHR!, D.Gray-man, lots more.
Very into Touken Ranbu -Online- and the visual novel DRAMAtical Murder
Long (silver or red) hair, preferably in a ponytail. Red, purple, or sectoral heterochromia eyes. Fang-tans. Uniforms. Elf ears. And being voiced by one of my favorite seiyuu, most notably Sakurai Takahiro ❤
Generally all languages apply to my music, preferred genre is most often pop and rock, but I also adore classical music, heavy metal, folk and jazz.
Samsung Galaxy IV I guess
Asus laptop, Windows 8.1

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Hiina (2個月前) #26138749Guess whose package arrived!! ;A;
I didn't notice it because I stopped checking but apparently the tracking page started updating again on the 18th. From there on it took only one day to deliver. There weren't any clearance charges either, even though they should've been €115. So I have no idea how they went about delivering this package, but I'm really happy it got through and even managed to save a lot of money on it!
I CAN BREATHE AGAIN but thank you for having been my proverbial inhaler for a while :'D

Aaaahh I'm glad to hear it finally arrived!! And that you didn't have any extra to pay :P Now you can enjoy your freshly arrived goods hehehe!
Hiina (3個月前) #25801995Thank you very much for your reply!
Yes, that ''Dispatched from outward office of exchange'' part is the exact same place my package is stuck at. There still have been no updates in the past few days. I really hope my package will get the same treatment yours did, mainly because it isn't insured. You might think I'm reaping what I sowed, except EMS was REALLY expensive (over ¥10.000) and I really couldn't afford that anymore. ;w;
Mandarake told me something went wrong in Amsterdam and that's why a lot of packages worldwide can expect a delay of 2 weeks, so I hope it's that. Only I am in fact Dutch and I can't find ANY information about this, so I'm wondering if it's true.
Basically, I'm still panicking. :'D But less now that I know SAL can take way more days than they promise. So thank you once again for you reassuring words!

Oh nono I totally understand!! I avoid EMS because it's expensive, and I always get customs with them >> Which is why I go with SAL most of the time (unless I want something very fast but will use airmail then)
There is some info on Japan Post's website www.post.japanp... Apparently every mail type is affected in the Netherlands so I guess that really is why your parcel is taking so long.
Talking about status not being updated : trackings.post.... it arrived, but wasn't scanned in between AGAIN.
Do not lose hope!! If the delay really is of 2 weeks, then you still have some days to go xux"
gayrell Glasses Character
Hiina (3個月前) #25801473Hi, I just wanted to thank you for adding some TodoDeku doujinshi to the MFC database. There's so many nice ones out there, especially by tenten, and I want to help adding them to the website but I still don't know how. So, perhaps it wasn't much to you, but thank you!!
''I spent all of my college tuition on anime figures and now I'm here.''
That resonates with me because I'm doing the exact same thing :'D

Ahh, thank you! It's good to hear that other people are also interested in the stuff I add to the database.
I believe there's somewhat of a guide for adding things on the faq page, but it can still be a little tricky to figure out on your own! I'm always here if you want help adding an item and don't know where to start.
And who needs an education when you can have plastic waifu statues?
Hiina (3個月前) #25559566Hi! I have a quick question about SAL shipping times, as I was lurking on the v.4 feedback thread and read you use that shipping method.
How long would be an acceptable time to ship items? Because it said 12 to 14 days when I selected the method but now it's been 23 days and the tracking page hasn't updated since 18 days. I'm really scared my package worth $600 might be lost and I'd love to hear someone say I'm just exaggerating and everything will be fine :')

I will reply based on my past experiences haha. Here in France SAL often takes 10-13 days for me. But there are times when it takes 20 days. I even remember some packages taking 30+ days o.o
Last month I got something sent by SAL with a tracking number. It was scanned and the last info of it I got was "Dispatched from outward office of exchange". And then nothing. It wasn't scanned when the package arrived in France, and yet I got my package safely. So maybe yours got the same treatment?
One of the packages that took 30+ days some months ago had a tracking number, and turns out that the package stayed in transit for 10+ days. But you know, I nearly always uses SAL (mainly without tracking) and every single package arrived in the end so don't panic! It says SAL can take up to 30 days so it's still "normal" of you haven't received it yet! (But if after 37 days you still have nothing maybe opening a claim to the post office might help?)
I really hope you'll get your package in the coming days, especially with such value inside t.t
Hiina (7個月前) #20532772I bought it!! ;w;❤
(even though that means having only €50 until May 10th OTL)
CDJapan and Amazon etc. don't offer it yet and I really wanted to make sure I'm getting a copy, so I also bought one through Aitai Kuji. :') Apparently they're really slow and they don't always reply to emails, but just like you I'm willing to accept a higher price and a longer waiting time if that means getting to see the voice actors do weird af shit just for laughs. 8D
Thank you for the quick response btw!!

Ah glad you were able to order one! :D
Hiina (7個月前) #20530272Hi! :D Could I ask where you ordered the Yuri!!! on Stage event Blu-Ray?

Hi! I ordered it from Aitai Kuji - I generally avoid ordering from them as for me, its usually cheaper to order from Japan or from within my country, however due to Avex's restrictions I decided to accept the higher price and order it from them :) It also comes with the Animate exclusive Makkachin badge, which is a nice bonus!
Hiina (1年前) #9918950Oh, had ik de meesten al maar, heb er pas 35 ofzo. Is een beetje een zielig getal vind ik als je hoort hoe snel sommigen like alle zwaarden hebben. :'D Ben ook al een jaar bezig. OTL Heb jij ze al? En doe je mee aan het event? Het event was redelijk lucky voor me tot nu toe. Heb Hirano, Ichigo x2, Uguisumaru x2 en Taroutachi gekregen en heb pas een paar dagen gespeeld. Als je bedenkt dat ik al minstens een jaar aan het pinen was :'D
Ik ben sinds maart ook al een jaar bezig. Heb ze in principe allemaal behalve Fudou en Juzumaru. Dus ik ben lekker aan het grinden, maar ze willen maar niet droppen xD Tot nu toe niet veel bijzonders gekregen op 2x Hizamaru en Higekiri na. Beetje jammer dat ze nu redelijk makkelijk droppen terwijl ik ze tijdens hun event met bloed, zweet en tranen heb kunnen bemachtigen =') Wat zijn trouwens je fav zwaarden? =D
Hiina (1年前) #8756147Ha, mede Touken Ranbu-liefhebber! :D
Haaai~! Jij bent ook in de Sword Hell beland xD Hoelang ben je al bezig en heb je de meesten al? =D
Hiina (1年前) #8787693Heya! :D
Sorry to bother you like this, but I was wondering if you would kindly upload two pictures for two entries that you added in the past. They're from the character poster set from Gugure! Kokkuri-san.
It's about these two entries:
They are the two on the bottom on the very right because the rest is complete.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/Dartys_Shnaken1431724213.jpeg
If I could edit it myself I would've done it but sadly I can't. I also hope you don't mind me asking on your profile, as I wanted to send you a PM but I noticed it said full inbox ^^;;
Again, sorry to bother you, and thank you in advance!!

No problem, you can always make an alert if it's too much trouble for you.
Didnt notice my inbox was full until you said it hahaha thanks
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